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Waterproof make-up, Sea or Pool?

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Written by Paolo Demaria

When summer calls, it is a real sacrilege not to answer. 

What if you can’t do without make-up even at the seaside or in the swimming pool?

Or do you have a pool party you can’t miss, perhaps one of those with a bonfire and a midnight swim, which holiday villages or luckier friends with equipped villas often organise to defy the heatwave and take advantage of the starry nights for exciting evenings. But if clothing remains the first thought, as with any party, make-up is definitely the second. 

What is the make-up for a pool/sea party, to be shown off proudly and without the fear of being overly ‘covered’ in the face, but also without the fear of it melting away with sweat and water splashes?

The perfect make-up is certainly light, summery, not exaggerated. The final effect must be neat, to enhance our natural beauty and not distort it with layers of foundation and exaggerated eye shadow. The golden rule in these cases is non-make-up make-up but with a few glamorous touches that make us feel beautiful. 

Strictly using waterproof products may seem trivial but it is the essential element to avoid ending up with a panda effect! 

It is not very difficult to find waterproof effect cosmetics as cosmetic companies offer limited editions of sweat- and water-resistant products in summer. If you prefer cream eyeshadows, they are generally water-resistant, sweat-resistant and long-lasting.

For example, waterproof Eyeshadow, i.e. water-resistant pencils that must be applied on the eyelids and blended quickly as they set quickly and do not come off even with water and sweat, they can only be removed with a biphasic.

Remember that if you want to look more beautiful, often just a little mascara can help change your appearance.  Only use foundation if you have major acne problems.  Beware that using foundation is the most noticeable product at the beach or in the swimming pool, and if you have a nice tan that minimises blemishes you can do without it.

If you really don’t want to give up evening out your complexion, you can use Face&Body foundation, a very light water-based product that becomes waterproof when applied to the skin.

We, on the other hand, with fashion photographer Claudio Gangi, wanted to exaggerate with the shoooting as if the models had to parade under water, hence super exaggerated fashionable make-up such as Smokey Eyes: this is an eye make-up that defines and lengthens the gaze, thanks to a precise alternation of tone-on-tone colours that gives a pleasant as well as striking blurred effect on the mobile eyelid.The exaggerated Ferrari red mouth, this bright dark red shade is the colour of summer 2022.

And as they usually say good make-up

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