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Valentina Bissoli, una “vita da modella” è il suo stile, il suo lavoro, il suo blog

Valentina Bissoli, a ‘life as a model’ is her style, her work, her blog

Written by Simone Di Matteo
Photos by Luca De Nardo

Brown eyes, raven hair and enviable curves, Valentina Bissoli is an Italian model and actress who took her first steps in show business when she was very young. Her Mediterranean beauty and determination have allowed her to tread some of the world’s most desired catwalks as well as appear on the covers of the most illustrious national and international newspapers. On more than one occasion, she has been compared to Monica Bellucci because of her seductive charm, to the extent that she is even considered by many to be her most worthy heir, even though she is rather cautious about endorsing such a comparison and despite acknowledging that they are both quite similar models. Her career got off to a particularly exceptional start and is steadily on the rise, mainly due to her commitment and the passion that binds her so deeply to her work, to say the least. Today, apart from the catwalks, Bissoli devotes herself to her blog “A model’s life”, in which she likes to dispense useful advice for young people, and is here with us to tell us a little about Valentina, the woman who takes the place of the famous model when the latter is away from the spotlight.

Valentina Bissoli, una “vita da modella” è il suo stile, il suo lavoro, il suo blog

What is beauty to you?
Beauty for me is a fragmentary concept. In neoclassicism, beauty was considered a unambiguous quality, representing a well-defined stereotype. In my opinion, however, we now speak of beauty in different terms, going beyond the infamous ‘labels’.  Personally,

I consider beautiful what conveys emotions to me, what excites me, what satisfies my senses in a positive way.

Sometimes even in imperfection and particularity. Because the latter makes us unique and unrepeatable. This is precisely why I try to communicate values such as exceptionality and incomparability to younger girls. This is because many times a flaw can become a strength. Unfortunately, common sense tends to enclose us in a certain, standardised physical canon, which is why so many girls and boys use cosmetic surgery without actually needing it. Very young ones, by the way! Although I have peculiarities that I did not accept when I was very young, with time I have learnt to appreciate and love them. Deeper self-love allows this change of acceptance.

Valentina Bissoli, una “vita da modella” è il suo stile, il suo lavoro, il suo blog

What is your opinion of men?
Men have always been a bit of an ‘Achilles’ heel’ for me. I love them but at the same time they create unbalance for me. I believe that in life everyone has their own challenges to overcome. Here, mine is through romantic relationships. Especially the last one. They have definitely allowed me to get to know myself better and understand many of my shadow sides. Of course in today’s world, men can approach a woman out of ego or love. Those who are ‘in love’ appreciate you for who you are, beyond appearances. Men who are ‘in ego’ approach you out of a sense of possession, narcissism and superficiality. Unfortunately, I have known many men who approached me for what I represented and not for what I actually was as a person. And this is a wound, now a scar, that always bleeds whenever I enter into a romantic relationship. On the other hand, I have a reference figure such as my father who has always been very present and loving. Hence also my destabilisation, in an increasingly superficial and evanescent outside world. Where there is continuous interchange. Without real values. Where ‘using the other’ is normal. But I believe in love. Love exists and is only waiting for the right moment to manifest itself.

Valentina Bissoli,  “A Model’s life”
“A Model’s life” is the name of my blog that I wrote in collaboration with the magazine Luxgallery.it. The editor, who had already interviewed me often in recent years, was convinced that I had the insider skills to express truths about the fashion world. And so, during the Covid-19 period, when modelling was completely at a standstill, I started writing. I covered a wide range of topics, also giving useful advice to all young people who wanted to pursue a career in fashion.

From my blog, thanks to two lawyers from Milan, “Law for models” was born, an association that deals with protecting the rights of models.

We have done webinars and conferences to cover the most salient topics in the lives of models. It is a work that continues and needs to be perfected. It takes a lot of teamwork.

Valentina Bissoli, una “vita da modella” è il suo stile, il suo lavoro, il suo blog

What do you think of the ‘Chiara Ferragni’ case?
I think this is something that should make us think a lot about the power and ‘influence’ of social media. I think that from a certain point of view it is also good for young people who follow Chiara Ferragni or more generally influencers through “osmosis effect” to really understand what is on these platforms and what they sell. I think there will now be a lot more critical sense, judgement and care in the content that influencers publish. I find what has happened as a turning point. Certainly a lot will change and there will be more and proper scrutiny

What is your relationship with the passing of time?
Time passing is good because it teaches you many things. The body changes, the essence does not. The personality can change. Although I admit that sometimes thinking about it makes me a little anxious. Sometimes reflecting how I am now aesthetically I would never want my body to change. But it is natural that this process happens. I am not against cosmetic surgery if it is done judiciously. Perhaps because working with the image (on a deadline) this aspect can become much more important. But I don’t think that even within the fashion world I can ever be called ‘finished’. Just as I have cleared customs for size 42 in a fashion world that only wanted super-skinny beauties, I will also be able to clear customs for age as it passes. What do you think?

Valentina Bissoli, una “vita da modella” è il suo stile, il suo lavoro, il suo blog

What’s seduction in your opinion?
Seduction for me is an art. A way of being, sometimes even unconscious. I know I have something seductive, but it does not necessarily have to do with external beauty. Sometimes a smile is enough to be seductive. Or a look. I certainly do not possess an explicit and provocative sensuality. My being ‘sexy’ (according to some) is unconscious. I don’t feel ‘femme fatale’ at all, even though many people write it. They probably interpret my photos like that. But I am not like that at all. On the contrary. I am quite shy and I am easily embarrassed. Then as soon as the lights of the set or a Red Carpet come on, I transform. Something ‘seductive’ is triggered in me. I don’t know how to explain it. Or rather, it is activated almost without my knowledge. I think it is also a matter of charisma, which with experience in this environment definitely makes you more interesting.

A mantra, un mood of the life…
I have many so-called mantras, but the one that most represents me is definitely ‘those who hesitate are lost’. Perhaps because in life my greatest fear is precisely that of missing opportunities and regretting them later. I never want that to happen. I often throw myself into situations, sometimes making mistakes. Although with age I have learnt to be more reflective anyway. This is precisely why I remind younger girls to never let anyone stand in the way of their dreams. There is nothing worse than looking over your shoulder and not having achieved what you longed for because of others. It is important to adhere to one’s essence and nature. Look in the mirror and recognise yourself. Doing everything that we are positively passionate about not giving weight to judgements and prejudices. This is the true path to happiness! So do not hesitate! Never!

Finally, who is Valentina?
Valentina is a girl trying to establish herself in the world. I have had this need since I was a child. It has always been my goal/dream. A fire inside. It all started because as a young girl I was often marginalised and humiliated, especially by my peers. It was necessary for me to assert myself in front of the eyes of the world. Not only through aesthetics, which I admit has helped me a lot especially in my work, but also on a value level. I hope to become a reference point for the new generations. That is my greatest goal. I hope with all my heart that my deepest and truest essence will come through

I am working a lot on my interiority: to understand who I am, what I want and what I am looking for. It is not easy, and I often lose my way.

But I have a very positive and determined basic soul and in the end, even with effort, I manage to achieve what I want. I dream of establishing myself as a person, in my work and not regretting anything. Not limiting my choices for someone else. To find someone who finally understands who I really am and who truly loves me. I madly love my cats, who are like children to me. So I would say there is almost nothing missing from the roll call. I really hope to find peace. I am in a phase of personal growth anyway.

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