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Photography, its ability to magnify beauty. We started from there!

And we focused on the body, because of its expressive capacity, as well as as the perfect element to talk about art through photography. The fact that it is portrayed today, mediated by the eye, sensitivity and technical expertise of a photographer-and not a sculptor or classical painter-does not change its expression of beauty!

Then, we went beyond the original goal. The word Art, which is half of our name, started knocking hard, and we began to explore all its other possible expressions: fashion, film, music. And we said to ourselves, why not use art photography as a basis for giving our own interpretation of so many other things?

After all, to portray nudity in a way that is art, you need a lot of culture, otherwise you risk lapsing into vulgarity.
You need intelligence, sensitivity, elegance. All gifts that intervene to form compelling lateral thinking, different from the usual patterns.

Here, our mission is this: to give an interpretation of various aspects of reality in a way that goes off the usual track. Not necessarily original, but different. From what? From reasoning or image harnessed in patterns. Our “pattern” is beauty kissed by Instinct and Intellect, the only two I’s we need.

If you want to walk with us, we are happy about it!

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