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The Art&Glamour editorial staff is the beating heart of the magazine and the web portal, an interesting interweaving of established professionals in the photographic and publishing sector, which accompanies its enthusiasts along unpredictable paths imbued with words, shots with a strongly artistic, erotic content and much more.
Like the seductive song of a mermaid, we want to draw readers into deep water, to wreck them in our plays of light and shadow, in powerful revelations.
Creativity is a key that opens hidden doors and it is with great pleasure that we invite you to enter, to have the opportunity to know who makes possible all this:


Donatella Bellicchi
Executive Director
Luca De Nardo
Digital Director
Luca Cassarà
Art Director
Simone Angarano
Monica Camozzi
Press Office
Monica Landro
PR e Location Manager
Lorenza "lastanzettarosa"
Fashion coordinator & stylist
Giulia Brunello
Content Editor
Anna Smith
SEO Manager
Luca Proserpio
Videomaker & Photographer
Anna Antonelli
Editorialist for "L'Irriverente"
Simone Di Matteo
Editorialist for "Eject"
Ermanno Ivone

These minds, these intertwined plots of life, have given life to our Magazine, to Art & Glamour, a body fascinating, whose gestures deserve to be admired and fully understood. On every page of the magazine, In every article beaten on the laptop keyboard, in every photograph, even in the warmth of paper and in the nuances of the images, there is the collaboration of a team that exercises the passion for its work and the desire to amaze you.

All readers, photographers, institutions, associations and enthusiasts interested in contacting our editorial staff to request information or to send communications and reports, they can fill out the form below: we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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