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Gemelli Porta

Porta Twins: Viscontians (but) happy.

by Monica Camozzi

Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by Simone Angarano

The Porta twins are endemically glamorous. Alessandro Michele, for Gucci, could only choose them and place them in their natural context, that of a défilé lived with enthusiasm and the due dose of devotion before the myth, but with a soothing spontaneity and cheerfulness.

To some extent, we have Mother Nature to thank, because Matteo and Nicolò, 24 years old, blond and long hair like Marvel's Thor, ethereal incarnate and androgynous features, are already born characters: you can see them materialising next to Tilda Swinton in Narnia.

Or, even better, in place of Visconti’s Tadzio from Morte a Venezia, who they recall enormously for the almost metaphysical levity in which they float. Only, unlike the Visconti characters, Matteo and Niccolò Porta kick melancholy and make you jump by osmosis into a glowing lifeline, where the retina is imprinted with optimism and confidence. An almost childlike aura. Those familiar with astrology would jump on their chairs upon learning that the zodiac sign is Virgo ascending Scorpio, because the imprinting would seem purely Aquarian! If we had to sum them up in a payoff, we would say ‘Ode to Freedom’. And to elective affinities because, except for a diatribe on Japan and the USA that we will reveal to you, they respond almost in unison.

Gemelli Porta

How did you approach social media?
You won’t believe it, but before this adventure began we barely used social media. Only when our agency (Vera Agency) showed up we started to create a style, an identity, thanks to Paolo Ruffini’s passion and the conviction with which he took us under his wing.

Even I (Nicolò) would publish photos every six months and remove them…

Don’t tell me you’re shy!
I kind of was (laughs). We really have the confirmation that authenticity wins out on social media. We do well with editing platforms, we had structured a lot of content some of which was beautiful but….didn’t take off! Because it wasn’t us, with our spontaneous positivity. You can’t just invent a character out of the blue, those who do it are really very good.

And where does your very original styling come from?
Well, I study design (Matteo), so half of the clothes we have are customised by us: we cut things that are too long, we create overlaps, we really like the vintage style, inspired by the 1970s to 1990s, multifaceted.

Gemelli PortaWhat are your imperative clothes?
The pointed ankle boots, Mick Jagger style, must-have, we have them in all colours. And then the Gun’s and Roses t-shirts, the long coats (Matteo: I have one that I love taken in Paris, like Van Helsing, ed.)

Your forbidden dream?
We cannot say that. Yes (Matthew). No (Nicholas). All right, we say it. A customised Birkin, there, we said it! Dreams aside, we are seriously thinking of creating our own collection together with a couple of business-oriented friends who would work alongside us. The aim is to produce high quality, something that will stay… I don’t mean in the price range of the Olsen twins, but durable garments, produced with care and with valuable raw materials.

A twin question: what is it like to see yourself live through another?
It’s something you wonder about sometimes, even if you are used to your alter ego from birth. Every now and then I look at Matteo and think ‘what a style, I like it’ but I don’t relate that I am the same (laughs). We perceive our small differences, identity is not dissolved also because it is shaped by different, individual life experiences. The great luck is that we are similar character-wise, we manage to live together very well. The only thing is that I (Matteo) like the more oversized volumes, while Nicolò doesn’t want them at all.

Do you feel beautiful? What is beauty?
Beauty is made up of many different gradations, aesthetics has little to do with it. We would talk about particular traits, something that characterises you. More than that, we would say that we need to demolish the classic archetype of the man…

Gemelli Porta

Do you mean the male archetype?
Yes, I do strive for the freedom of man! From this oppression of patterns, which often leads people to apostrophise us in the street because of our long hair or the way we dress. ‘You look like girls’ is the most frequent comment. In reality, the world should be free, with people who respect each other. Sometimes the first impression makes you call a person arrogant who then, when you talk to them, is very sweet and far from that mood. Social and sentimental education would be appropriate in order not to look at others with the filter of judgement.

Matteo you are in the final stage with Fashion Design and you Nicolò are about to graduate in law. Then, there’s the influencer business, there’s fashion….projects? Do you stick together? Will you split up?
I’m bothering Matteo with Japan: I’ve always loved it, whether it’s the cartoons or the aesthetics, I was there when I was 18 and I loved it, nice people, things that work, education and respect….but Matteo loves the US, he has the Tik Tok feed overrun with American stuff, he says there are magazines in America that appreciate our aesthetics

The first episode of the Porta twins ends here, on the Japanese-US challenge. We will keep you posted…

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