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Written by Artemide De Blanc
Photos by Luca De Nardo

Hi Camilla

Here are some questions for you! You are definitely an unconventional person so I ask you:

What does it mean to be outside the box?
I guess that with this question you want to ask me what it means for me to be ‘outside the box’. First of all, what ‘schemes’ are you talking about? Of those imposed by today’s society in southern Europe? Or of the cultural and social legacies of our tradition, handed down from generation to generation and still alive and present today to condition our judgement and choices?

I do not follow any pattern, and I do not rebel against any system. I like beautiful things, I like colours, I like everything that is extravagant, that can amaze or even annoy, I am aware of this but I am not normally interested in it. In my way of being or appearing, there is nothing provocative. It may be seen as such by those who look at me, but I have no power over that. My tattoos, my piercings, my haircut, they are just decoration. It is not a statement or a deliberate provocation against ‘the system’ as you call it or anything else. I just follow my aesthetic, what I like and what makes me feel good.

For you, is posing nude eroticism or rebellion?
Absolutely neither. I find it reductive to force a visual art form like nude photography to  ‘eroticism’ and ‘rebellion’. Eroticism is a very subjective concept and personally I live mine in private. When I am in front of the lens I am doing a performance, I am acting. It’s a pose, literally.

Rebellion against what?
In Italy, fortunately, there is freedom of press and expression. I don’t think anyone can be offended by what I do. You may not like it, you may not share it, but for me it is the most natural and spontaneous form of expression. I don’t find anything vulgar in a nude body.

A nude photograph can be much more elegant, fine and sophisticated than one in underwear or swimwear or even fully clothed. I think vulgarity and the sense of the photo in general depend on what the subject is looking for and wants to convey. Everything else is framing.

When did you start posing and why.
I didn’t want to be a model, I never thought about it. I became one over time. About three years ago, someone saw something in me and suggested I do some shoots. At first I was undecided, I knew nothing about this world and I stumbled several times at the beginning of my journey. However, I am happy to have embarked on it, as it has allowed me to collaborate with great photographers and meet extraordinary people who have given and taught me so much. It is thanks to them that I have come this far, and there has been so much satisfaction. I am really grateful for the opportunities I have been given, I hope I have made the most of them and I will continue to take them in the future.

Three things in life you would never do
Life is a really long and ever-changing period of time, it’s hard to single out three things I will never do for sure. The only options I can think of are acts that would go against my morals and my way of thinking, actions that could harm someone who does not deserve it.

I think I would never accept sex for money, for one simple reason: for me sex is a beautiful thing, I don’t want to monetise it or force myself to do it with someone I don’t want to. I would ruin it forever. I would never turn my back on a friend in need. I would never take advantage of someone’s good faith for personal gain.

Have you ever wanted to be on the other side of the lens? What would you photograph?
I have often thought about it. I am fascinated by analogue photography and Polaroid’s snapshots, but it is a very expensive hobby as well as complicated to learn. If I had the chance, I would try to capture beauty, in all its forms and nuances.

Why is the nude almost always female?
I always speak from my own opinion, because I am not a market analyst or an art critic. I think the reason may be that the female body is overall more harmonious and more pleasing to the eye, consequently it performs better in photography. Or, more banally, because it sells more.

If you woke up ugly tomorrow morning would you look at yourself and the world in the same way?
Beauty is a very relative concept. It is the people around us and the environment we live in that make us feel ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’. I have woken up ugly many mornings, like many others I have looked in the mirror and felt beautiful. Besides, it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Why Valium?
Some time ago, someone I had just met told me that I sounded a lot like a song, ‘Prinzessin Valium’ by Klangterapie, a 90s German band that played Goa music. This struck me as extraordinarily curious – how can you resemble a song? I found the song on the internet and liked it a lot. So, in homage to that peculiar comment, I made the title of that track my stage name.

Social: https://www.instagram.com/valiumchrome/

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