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Vanessa Minotti, “Non mollare mai, è un mantra che ripeto costantemente” - Art Girl

Vanessa Minotti, ‘Never give up, it’s a mantra I constantly repeat.’

by Monica Landro

Written by Monica Landro
Photos by Fabio Pregnolato

Vanessa Minotti, is a showgirl with an infectious smile and innate charisma. Although very young, she already has years of experience in showbiz and television. Among the various fields of showbiz she has already caressed so far, her degree in languages has enabled her to present the weather forecasts of a well-known application in English and Spanish, thus combining her personal culture with her professional career.

You have played many roles over the years, from candid camera to sports and entertainment programmes. What was the role that gave you the most satisfaction and why?
I have played different roles, varying from being a correspondent to being a presenter, which is what I mainly do, including comic moments. Without a doubt,

the one that gives me the most satisfaction is presenting, as it is the role I feel most comfortable in,

the one I love doing the most and the one I want to pursue in my life. To be called, even if only as a correspondent, to participate live on Rai2, was certainly a great moment of satisfaction.

Vanessa Minotti, “Non mollare mai, è un mantra che ripeto costantemente” - Art GirlYour social media profile is very popular and you have a strong online following. How do you manage interaction with your fans?
My social media presence has grown considerably, both thanks to the photos I post and of course thanks to the TV programmes. Unfortunately, I cannot read all the messages I receive on a daily basis, so I give priority to those who are subscribers, as they are the ones who show the most interest, recognition, appreciation and affection. I often use polls and question boxes to find out what topics are of most interest to my followers.

You speak English and Spanish fluently. Have you had the opportunity to use these language skills in your career?
Yes, I graduated as an interpreter in English and Spanish and I have gathered several experiences in the field of television and radio in both languages. I have participated in interviews on Radio DJ during which we also did short sketches in the language. I also presented an important event for Ferrari in English for an international audience of the brand’s managers.

Three years ago I started presenting weather forecasts in English and Spanish for 3Bmeteo,

to meet the needs of foreign users who may have had difficulty using the application. I therefore decided to make use of my degree by combining my passion with my current job.

Vanessa Minotti, “Non mollare mai, è un mantra che ripeto costantemente” - Art Girl

Looking at the future, are there any projects or professional ambitions you would like to realise?
As far as the future is concerned, I would like to continue hosting TV programmes and aim for the major national networks such as Rai, Mediaset, Sky and DAZN. I am already proud of my path, but I aspire to achieve even more significant goals.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to pursue a career in show business?

To those who wish to pursue a career in show business, I say without hesitation: never give up.

This is a mantra I constantly repeat, because even in the most difficult moments I have always found the strength to get back up. In show business, the work is constant but there are also challenges and obstacles to face. It may happen that a show ends or that one is faced with rivalry and favouritism, but I have never given up. 

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