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Art Girl: Lidia Di Caro

Written by Luca De Nardo

Introducing our Art Girl from Issue 11 (2023)

A beautiful woman from southern Italy, a model for fun at the beginning, a model with a strong self-awareness today. It seems a certain and familiar path, almost the same as a thousand others, but it is not so for Lidia. A mother, with a steady and certain job, with a partner with whom she shares her passion, without hiding behind pseudonyms and not caring what people might say about her. We interviewed her… a few questions, because she is always in a hurry, but not because she is a model, but because she is a woman, a partner and a mother with all her commitments, dreams and passions.

First of all, we start by mentioning the role of woman in photography.
A woman who nowadays is abandoning her own archetype imposed or desired by society, trying to clear customs and go beyond the role imposed on her. The woman in photography, a role that conceals an infinite series of implications, of judgements and prejudices, of emotions, of considerations. Can you tell us about the Lidia you represent, the woman you are and want to represent within the photograph you interpret?

Modelling fascinates me because it allows me to

expressing myself, my love of beauty, my femininity.

Posing is a bit like wearing the shoes of an actress who moulds her image by always representing a different part of herself. As a woman, I have always tried to express my femininity in the sweetest and most bewitching sense of the word, perhaps as an attempt to reveal my character, hoping it will come out in the work I do with photographers all over Italy. I have always hated the stereotypes and labels that are often attributed to the model as such…

Do you feel more Model or Woman?

Being a woman and a model are two sides of the same coin…

every woman should be able to manifest her beauty through photography

It is a bit like imprinting your image permanently despite the passing years…

What and how many obstacles have you had to face and overcome to keep your passion alive?
I love to pose and for this reason I have never feared the judgement of others, be it that of my family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. However, as I am also a very sensitive person, this side of my character has not always favoured me in this artistic field.

Is the female nude an art form or not?
It is the most beautiful and harmonious art form that exists. When I started posing I was very immature and pure. My image was very different from what I am today and my genre was focused and centred on portraiture and fashion with a hint of glamour: stopping and never going beyond that. Over the years I have become more aware of my body and especially of myself, and I have learnt to accept what I previously considered my physical limitations. It is thanks to this progressive growth of Lidia as a woman (not necessarily related to a question of age, but of personal awareness) that I gradually began to experiment with other genres: sI switched to the lingerie and artistic nude genres because I like the strength and sensuality that these genres evoke….while remaining within the concept of ‘art’.

Imagine yourself in 30 or 40 years from now, when you love your photos that you took when you were young. How do you think you will look at yourself?
I will think: what a beauty! (and she laughs out loud n.d.r.) … just kidding… Looking at my photos years from now I will be proud of myself and the life I lived…I will have no regrets because I will have done and experienced everything that made me happy.

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