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Artgirl: Alice SergeantIce

Art Girl: Sergeant Ice, “Modelling is like being a mute actress”

by Monica Landro

A cura di Monica Landro
Foto di Luca De Nardo

Sergeant Ice has publications and collaborations with major magazines in the field, and some photos featuring her have been exhibited in the most well-known exhibitions and shows on nude photography.

In the context of nude art, the model embodies effortless elegance, demonstrating a naturalness that transcends stereotypes. Femininity, authenticity and artistic interpretation of the human form celebrate beauty in all its facets.

We are talking about Sergeant Ice, Italian, from Padua, but always travelling around Europe thanks to her work. 

She boasts publications and collaborations with important magazines in the sector, and some of the photos depicting her have been exhibited in the best-known exhibitions and shows on nude photography.

How did you start your career in fashion?
Almost 10 years ago, at a club night in Padua, the club’s official photographer suggested I should try taking pictures. The first experiment did not go very well and I honestly disliked the shots. I decided to make a second attempt and this time it went better. So I started to deepen my knowledge of this world, which I was already passionate about from an artistic point of view, but standing in front of a lens and with time, I realised that a career as a model could be a professional opportunity that I would have tackled with passion.

What challenges did you face as a model and how did you overcome the obstacles?
The challenges I faced as a model concerned the scepticism that exists in society towards the seriousness of this job and having to learn to do a job that, like all others, requires study and training. When I decided to try I knew nothing and no one in this world but I was very motivated. I studied posing and posture with a professional photographer whom I was lucky enough to meet at the beginning of this path, I did the famous “gavetta” and with hard work and many kilometres behind me, over time I saw my skills recognised.

You have stated that within photography, your favourite area is the artistic nude. What do you think you can convey through your body?
I am a model who mainly poses for artistic nudes because they are the photos I like best. I try to put my own into each project, sometimes I have more freedom, but

I always try to use my body to express my creativity and mix my posing style with the photographic style of the person portraying me.

Being a model is like being a mute actress for me, through my body and expression, using the space around me I try to make emotions, feelings and movement shine through.

You spend a lot of time on transfeminist activism: can you tell us how you do it?
I am a transfeminist activist, but not only. In my city I actively participate in the initiatives of a political collective that also deals with other issues such as internationalist solidarity and anti-specism. We organise concerts, benefit events for other allied realities with which we collaborate, present books and fanzines, film forums and present and/or coordinate in the squares of Padua.

Activism is something that is important to me and I devote enough time to it, I do it with enthusiasm and it has introduced me to many issues, many people and this motivates me to make my contribution.

What has been the most exciting or rewarding moment in your career?
Feeling that after ten years I still enjoy posing is definitely gratifying. I love photography and to have been able to turn something I am passionate about into a job is very satisfying. In all these years it is hard to find just one moment, this career has given me the opportunity to travel to many different countries and meet some very talented people, to grow personally and professionally to have experiences I probably would never have had. To be seen in photography books, editorials and magazines, exhibitions and photography festivals, even international ones, and to participate as a model in master classes and prestigious photography events is always a great feeling. Although on a personal level, I love more the satisfaction of successfully completing the challenges of a challenging project, such as doing freediving sets in the open sea.

Is there something you would like to achieve within the coming future?
There are many people I admire in this field and with whom I hope to collaborate in the future, and there are many other places I would like to visit. I also hope to pose for some projects that have not yet been proposed to me.

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