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Make-up Moulin Rouge

Written by Paolo Demaria

Moulin Rouge: Synonymous with the most glamorous make-up of the season.

Paolo Demaria drew inspiration from the famous Parisian venue.

Today I am taking you to the magical and glittering world of the Moulin Rouge; or rather, the magazine ART &GLAMOUR is taking us to this evocative place.

These images reflect the spirit of the cabaret, the dominant colour is red and it is perfect for a woman who is not afraid to be daring and who wants to feel as sensual as the dancers in the famous club.

From the first frame of Moulin Rouge, I fell madly in love with the make-up of mademoiselle Satine – Nicole Kidman, the protagonist of the unhappy love story with Christian – Ewan McGregor. A film that became a cult. It was a great success, it won an Oscar for best costumes and Satine’s necklace acquired an added value due to its history.

Moulin Rouge is the well-known Parisian nightclub, founded by Charles Zidler at the end of the 19th century, a central symbol of the historical, artistic and cultural period known as the Belle Epoque. Paris became the European capital of this social aesthetic current: a happy contemplation of a new poetic, literary and artistic season. 

It is the period of literary cafés, can-can and cabaret, the latter brought to glory in the court of the Moulin Rouge.

The dancers of the famous ‘Moulin Rouge’ became the main actresses of the Parisian euphoria.

Now, let’s discover together the products that tie in with this world.  

For the lips, a beautiful peony red: it is an opaque red and is perfect to give a sensual air to any look or to enrich a strong make-up created for a special occasion.

Still in the context of lipsticks, we find the deep red gloss that gives the lips a full, glossy colour: you can use it alone or over a lipstick to make it more vibrant.
The make-up is inspired by the famous Moulin Rouge actress/dancer Josephine Baker and here, of course, false eyelashes cannot be missing. Imperatively black, thick and very long, enriched by the presence of rouge glitter to give an extra touch to a glamorous make-up.

Finally, there are the small white and red Swarovski crystals, which can be applied anywhere on the face.

Special thanks go to stylist Cristina Lobascio for recreating the Moulin Rouge mood.

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