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Susanna Fusari

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Written by Artemide De Blanc
Photos by Simone Angarano

Let’s go straight to the point: is posing in front of a lens mainly BEING or APPEARING for you? or both? Tell us.
In my opinion, posing in front of the lens is also a bit of acting. You have to know how to transform yourself, get out of your box and let yourself go. A model has to be a bit of everything and play several characters, even totally different ones.

What is a photographer on the set? A man, an artist, a professional, a technician, an interpreter, a voyeur… And what do you expect from him?
A photographer is definitely an artist! I definitely expect to create a feeling with him. Before I start shooting, I always like to talk to the person in front of me to get to know them and understand what kind of person they are, so that I can create an understanding on set as well. A good relationship between model and photographer is crucial for the rendering of the final work. The more you get to know the photographer, the looser you are!

In addition to paid work, like any good model, you will certainly choose collaborations. Beyond the notoriety of a photographer, how do you decide on a collaboration? What are the things you look for and what impresses you?
I choose a collaboration based on the photographer’s portfolio and based on their work.
I love artistic, non-trivial shots, the ones that tell you something when you look at them.

Is there a difference between a photo depicting a ‘nude woman’ and a photo depicting a naked woman?
Of course! A photographer can ‘lay you bare’ even by photographing just your gaze.

Sensuality and seduction, eroticism and pornography. Concepts and words now abused in today’s society. Can you tell us your point of view regarding these 4 concepts?
I believe that unfortunately these 4 words are often misused in our society, ending up being considered synonyms, even though this is not true. I see sensuality as an art form that expresses being a woman, it should not be associated with vulgarity. Seduction is more a consequence of being sensual and depends on how others see you. You can be sensual, but seducing a person is something else, it becomes desire. Eroticism is a more advanced form of seduction, more extreme, which can then result in pornography. I don’t consider eroticism and pornography as art forms.

When you go on set, do you prefer to have a perfectly outlined, described project, a moodboard to follow or do you prefer to have a sketched idea and then let events and the artistic project flow?
When I shoot I prefer not to follow any moodboard. I prefer to let myself go and see what comes up. I am a person who, when he has precise lines to follow, tends to do his own thing… so also in photography

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