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Written by Simone Di Matteo
Photos by Luca De Nardo

The ex big brother participant talks about his life away from the spotlight and reveals some curiosities about the projects he is pursuing outside the small screen.

Passion, talent and a good dose of commitment. These are the characteristics that distinguish former Big Brother Vip houseguest Matteo Alessandroni. After finishing his studies, in fact, this young man decided to devote himself exclusively to sport, in particular football, a discipline for which he shows a certain potential.

He managed to fit in well in the environment, joining several football clubs and proving to be a real promise. As time goes by, however, he realises that this is no longer his path and chooses to focus his attention on other projects.  He devoted himself to fashion and the gym, to the point of becoming an excellent personal trainer, and finally landed on TV. From his first appearance in the studios of Live – Non è la d’Urso, where he was called to discuss his ‘presumed’ engagement (later denied) with Carmen Di Pietro, he was selected as a contestant in the father of all reality shows and, later, as a fitness coach in the first and only edition of Ogni Mattina, Adriana Volpe’s salon aired on Tv8 last year. And today, he lives his life away from the spotlight, pursuing various fitness-related professional ventures and continuing to live the life he has always dreamed of.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you on television. How come?
To be honest, I don’t even know. After taking part in ‘Ogni Mattina’ alongside Adriana Volpe and Giovanni Ciacci, I focused exclusively on my personal and professional projects. I am a personal trainer and I support dozens of people every day who want to get involved and improve themselves. I have a daily job and commitment, although I still dedicate time to fashion and my modelling career. I also opened a gym and started MA27, my registered trademark. In short, to answer the question, I think it’s a matter of schedule.


If you were to be invited on a Tv programme again, would you accept?
It depends. Working in show business is a dream that has partly come true and partly hasn’t, so I keep it close to my heart. Should I decide to return to TV, I would like to do so with a programme entirely focused on fitness and lifestyle. For me it is a great pleasure and satisfaction to help those who choose to transform themselves and their bodies. It fills my heart with joy. So, who knows, maybe soon you will be working out with me every morning in front of the TV! (he laughs)

A few years ago, you joined the cast of Big Brother Vip. What memories do you have of that experience?
The GfVip experience was one of the best things I had ever done, it was really exciting. It’s just a shame, though, that it was short-lived, I would have liked to stay a little longer in the house to allow my fellow players and the public to get to know me better. If I ever get an opportunity like that again, I’d make the most of it to show everyone the purest and most sincere part of me, the part of the values that raised me and the part that many people often don’t dwell on enough.

You have come a long way, but you are still a dreamer….
Well, you never stop dreaming. I was, am and always will be a dreamer who will never give up in front of anything or anyone. Since I was a child, my biggest dream was to become a footballer and score lots of goals to dedicate to my mum and dad. Then my life changed, but I would make all the choices I made again and they have stayed with me to this day.

Earlier, you were talking about your work commitments, which are related to the gym and sport, and your projects, which are going swimmingly. Today you train a lot of people, what do you think is the key to your success?
I believe that love is the secret ingredient for success in anything you do. When you dedicate yourself to something with passion, the results can only be positive. For me it was like that and it was thanks to love that I went on to become the man I am now. I enjoy what I do and if I can help others with my work to help them feel good about themselves, then I consider myself more than lucky and happy.

In the course of your football, television or sports career, has there ever been anyone who inspired you?
Absolutely. If there is someone who, more than anyone else, has spurred me on, even if indirectly, to give it my all and never give up, that someone is without a shadow of a doubt Stefano De Martino. I really like him a lot, I follow him and I respect him even in his private life. He’s a guy who has made his own way from nothing, with a not inconsiderable amount of groundwork. That’s why I admire him, I see myself very much in him, even though our paths cannot be compared. We are different, both professionally and personally speaking, but I am convinced that our climb from the bottom is something we have in common.

What’s your motto?
Only who dares learns to fly! And this, besides being my life mantra, is also the lesson I want to pass on and make those who follow me understand. In life you have to react when faced with difficulties, put passion into what you do, get back up after every fall and have the courage to take risks. Only in this way can you win, because when it is your heart that fights, there are no rivals!

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