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The difference between To Be and To Appear

Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by Luca De Nardo

Those who still live with the prejudice that beauty does not rhyme with awareness, resign themselves…and take a look at the answers of the 3 finalists of The Look o f The Year Italy. Miriam Messina, Carlotta Galina e Morena Ferrera have very clear ideas but, equally, the certainty that it is true values that count in life.

Making it to the finals of The Look of the Year Italy is a kind of ” jump ” into a parallel dimension, capable of translating dreams, yearnings or the hard work of years into factual reality. But these girls of the third millennium face it with the grit of Amazons and the sweetness of vestals.

Is it better to feel beautiful or to be beautiful?
(Carlotta) Both are important, but often the inner feeling of beauty can have a positive influence on self-esteem and self-confidence that spills over into the perception others have of us. However, I always want to point out that beauty goes beyond outer appearance and also brings into play personality, kindness and other infinite qualities of each person

Feel beautiful and anyone who sees you convinced of yourself can only agree!

(Miriam) I think that feeling beautiful and consequently feeling good about yourself is one of the most important things.

If you have the knowledge that you are enough, life is more downhill.

(Morena) Feeling beautiful, definitely better.

Was this path part of your childhood dreams or was it a surprise?
(Carlotta) When I was a child, my dream was not to become a model, but a fashion designer. But as time went by, I discovered a new passion that led me to realise my dream in a different way, allowing me to be part of the fashion world, although not in the way I always imagined, who knows, maybe I will be able to open my own brand thanks to my modelling career!

(Miriam) I would say it has always been a great passion. Any occasion was good to put on a pair of my mother’s heels and walk down the corridors and through the rooms of the house. It’s something that has always been a part of me and without which I wouldn’t be the same.

(Morena) Ever since I was little, friends and relatives told me to be a model or an actress when I grew up, but I didn’t really believe in this world until I met people who made me reconsider…

What are your values in life? The things you give most importance to?
(Carlotta) I am grateful to my parents because they passed on to me fundamental values such as the importance of family, friendship, honesty and kindness. These teachings have helped shape the person I am today.

The most important things in life are not material, but rather the connection with my family and friends. It is the personal relationships and connections that give value to my life

(Morena) The important thing for me in life is respect and honesty. I value sincerity and dignity.

If you could choose just one person, from the present or the past (even in the past) to go to dinner with one evening, who would you want at the table?

(Carlotta) I would be thrilled to have dinner with Gigi Hadid, as she is a model like me. I admire her path and aspire to follow in her footsteps, so it would be an amazing opportunity to get advice directly from her.

(Miriam) Beautiful question; if I could choose one person to spend time with I would absolutely say my grandfather. He left us a few years ago but he always has a burning flame inside my heart. I would want a hug from him, perhaps, like nothing else.

(Morena) I would choose my grandmother, who unfortunately is no longer here.


If you were not born beautiful, which side of you would you have focused on?
(Carlotta) As I said before, my dream is to become a fashion designer… so I would undoubtedly put my artistic side into play while remaining within my world, fashion!

(Miriam) Um, I’ve always had another passion since I was a child. I put it into practice by attending art school and I must say that it only confirmed my love for this activity.

I studied ‘fashion and costume’; I designed my own clothes and made my creations ‘come to life’ with needle and thread. If I could go back I would do it again without any doubt.

Tania, Heraclitus says that our temperament is our destiny, do you think this is true?
(Carlotta) I do not deny that personality has a significant impact on the choices we make and how we face challenges, but let us not forget that it is external circumstances that have a major impact on our lives. So, it can play a role, it is not the only determining factor.

We certainly cannot feel beautiful and feel good about ourselves if we constantly criticize ourselves!

Miriam, does the word inclusiveness make sense or is it a marketing trick?
(Miriam) Well, inclusiveness first and foremost is feeling part of something, right? So being included in something.

In my opinion, this is absolutely not a marketing stunt… on the contrary!

With it we all feel part of something, and thank goodness for that.

Morena, I often see pictures with horses
(Morena) Horses have a pure soul, you only have to look into their eyes to get into their heart. Also, in general, animals are the only ones who never leave you and will love you forever.

Miriam Messina – @immiriammessina 
Carlotta Galina – @charlott_18_s 
Morena Ferrera – @morena.ferrera.9

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