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Give her pointe shoes and she’ll lift the world up

Written by Lorenza @lastanzettarosa

As light as a feather but as vigorous and resolute as few people in the world. Francesca Pellegrini aka Stella di Plastica is definitely an all-round artist. Born as a dancer, she attended Steve LaChance’s IDA Ballet Academy and for two years won a scholarship for the ‘Dancing in New York’ dance course at the Ajkun Ballet Theatre. Multiple international recognitions and awards mark her outstanding career in dance, but Stella is not satisfied and embraces every possible artistic field. She poses as a model, performs commercials for prestigious brands and music videos for nationally and internationally renowned artists including Mika, Litfiba and Maneskin.

Over the years, the need to express herself always at her best has led her to produce herself in personal projects, and it was one of these that brought her to the attention of director Giacomo Triglia, who enthusiastically proposed Stella di Plastica to Maneskin for the intense video clip ‘Torna a casa’..

Hello Stella, it is with great pleasure that I ask you these questions:

1 How did your involvement with photography start?
My relationship with photography arises from the need for acceptance; accepting my form, my colours and also accepting the power of sharing that I have always had but which sometimes, indeed very often, has made me feel different.

This is because people are often well disposed to receive but not to give, and my need is precisely to give.

stella (7)

 To give emotions and to give the possibility to those who may not have them to express themselves through a body that has been moulded to change shape and take all imaginable and unimaginable forms. I started posing when I was 15 years old, my father was always present on the set until I came of age when I was able to independently manage the shoots; from then on, I felt I could freely experience the expressivity of my body by allowing myself the opportunity to expose myself. By collaborating and dealing with several photographers and non photographers, I was able to deepen my knowledge of my body and the possibilities of expression related to it. This path of deepening was not easy as I had to work hard to reach a compromise between what I was, and still am, and what I imagined myself to be. In this way I accepted everything that the strictest part of me insisted on recognising.

stella (3)

2 Expressivity is one of your strengths, how do you experience emotions while dancing or posing?
It was precisely on expressiveness that I focused most: what does a body in a certain position reveal? And what does a gaze that looks in one direction rather than another convey?  I asked myself a lot about how I could communicate something authentic, something real, but without falling into cliché, into the ‘mime game’. I am an extremely empathetic person and so experiencing an emotion, for me, is the basis of my ‘here and now’. I am so obsessed with experiencing emotions that sometimes I myself create a certain situation so that a reaction from me can arise, it is a bit like trying to manipulate me. I believe I implemented this strategy precisely to satiate my craving for emotions, which is closely connected to my bodily expressiveness. Everything starts from the body, we are born as ‘speaking’ bodies before we are even able to talk verbally.

Verbal communication represents the rational part while physical communication is absolutely the most sincere, direct and fast part.

stella (4)For these reasons when I pose or dance I feel the need to connect with the other side, I find the relationship with the spectator absolutely essential to create ‘the magic’.

3 Talking about your work, what is still missing in your wish list?
Well, I still have many desires to tick off, but starting step by step I would say that the closest one is definitely related to cinema.

I have been seriously studying film acting for a couple of years now and I dream of being able to create a character in the world of cinema

stella (5)This of course not before I have rolled up my sleeves armed with patience, dedication and discipline to be able to deal with all the obstacles that will arise on the way to the finish line.

4 Is there a particular artist you would like to collaborate with?
Speaking of cinema, among the artists I would like to collaborate with, there are the directors David Lynch, Eduardo Casanova and Luca Guadagnino.

stella (2)5 Where does the name ‘Plastic Star’ come from?
Here is the question that intrigues many…I am thinking of changing my answer every time I am asked, but not today (we both laugh ed.). My name, Francesca, is very common and therefore very widely used. As chance would have it, when I was choosing a nickname to sign up for a photography platform, I was listening to Dente in ‘baby building’ and specifically to the phrase ‘I will give you a basket of plastic stars’, I instinctively wrote in the nickname field Stelladiplastica and from that moment on, very simply, it became my stage name.

stella (6)

6 You are always active and ‘work in progress’; what’s going on today
There is always something new in the pipeline, sometimes I don’t know where to start when I am asked what I am doing and what I will do in the future. During the pandemic, I became interested in interior design.

Nowadays, creating environments and design objects is something I pursue quite vigorously.

stella (8)Besides that, I am always touring with the street art company, studying and in the very little free time I have I try to align myself with the technological demands of our time.

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