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Patrick Mongis every day is a new beginning

Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by Luca De Nardo

Patrick Mongis is a businessman, has an amazing family and a life whose coordinates have been changed. Or better, he created new ones at 57.

He shows us that we are what we feel, that numbers are only numbers and our conviction is what determines the course of events.

When did you realise that posing in front of the camera was your story?
My modeling career began at the age of 57, exactly 16 months ago. Apart from the media exposure related to my work as a top sportsman, there are no photos except for family photos with short video clips.

After a busy professional life as a top rugby athlete, physiotherapist and entrepreneur, I am now the head of a family group that I created 25 years ago and now has 170 employees and a turnover of 7 million euros.

Then, at the age of 57, after handing over the leadership of the group to my son, I felt the need to completely change my world.

Attracted to fashion and the arts from an early age, I decided to pursue a career in modeling.

What do you think when you look at a picture of yourself?
When I look at a photo of myself, I look back at the photo albums of my boyhood (photos attached) filled with the innocence and spontaneity of childhood, and I realize that even today I feel comfortable in front of the photographer; I am relaxed, sincere and spontaneous.

During the shootings I have the feeling that time stands still….

In women, the striving for physical perfection seems to be much more powerful: in your opinion why?
Socially, and still today, even though things are changing, in my upbringing men were characterized by their manhood, they were not used to taking care of their bodies and therefore showed themselves in their essence in their raw state, without artifice.

For thousands of years women have been the embodiment of elegance; they had to show themselves as beautiful and perfect as possible.

Women’s media also play a role in this rush for physical perfection, sometimes too much for my taste. 

I prefer a little more naturalness, authenticity.

Charm, beauty, personality: what would you give up?
I would give up beauty, which for me is not the essence of life, it is not necessary to be happy. 

Moreover, it is completely relative. In my opinion, personality is what characterises a person, a man or a woman.  I find charm essential in relationships between human beings: it attracts curiosity, a look.

In my opinion, it is important to have the ability to catch, to divert the other person’s gaze, whoever they are (man or woman).

What you like in a woman and what you consider irresistible?
In a woman I like charisma, what she emanates, her appearance, her look.  What I find irresistible is the combination of all these qualities.

What plans do you have and what dreams would you like to take out of the drawer?
From a professional point of view, I would like to continue this activity as a senior model and, why not, to act (I am attending theatre and acting courses). A week ago I performed the first piece in front of a hundred spectators.  I would like to work and pose for big brands, play small or even bigger roles in films. I would also like to create an association to help the elderly realise their dreams and last wishes. On a personal level, I would like to travel and enjoy life with my wife, take care of my 6 grandchildren (I have 3 children). Another project of mine is to finish the Santiago de Compostela Trail that I started 2 years ago.

I dream of climbing Kilimanjaro and spending 15 days on an island paradise with all my family members.

A quote that means a lot to me and which I apply daily is the following:

make your life a dream and your dreams a reality.

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