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Music and freedom: the key words in Angelina Mango’s life

Written by Monica Landro

Angelina Mango is the winner of the 74th Sanremo Festival with the song ‘La noia’ and will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, to be held in Malmö, Sweden.

In addition to winning the kermesse, the singer-songwriter also won the ‘Lucio Dalla’ press room prize, radio, TV and web awards, and the ‘Giancarlo Bigazzi’ prize for best musical composition.

Angelina’s success seems truly unstoppable, if we consider that it also comes from her participation in the 22nd edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent show Amici, in which she placed second, triumphing in the singing category. Angelina Mango is a child of art, but much more than a child of art. Her mother is Laura Valente, known for being the voice of Matia Bazar for years and also a theatre actress. Her father is Pino Mango, known simply as Mango, one of the most refined talents that the Italian music scene has had the privilege of introducing to the world.

“I’m not ashamed of anything, of dressing as I like, of loving as I like”, you said that, during a concert. What does that mean?
I believe in freedom of expression, in the freedom to face the things that happen in life and that is what I have always done. I would like to get this message across. I want people at home, looking at how I move, how I dress, to be able to say ‘How free is free’, I also want to be free. Freedom to let loose even in the bad moments….

2023 was your year. 2024 started with you winning the Sanremo Festival. Do you feel any pressure on you?
If I let myself get carried away by the pressures and expectations it would all become too heavy and I wouldn’t know how to handle it, so I don’t think about it. Instead, I like to be surprised when things happen and be grateful for what I am experiencing. I prefer to see all these good results as a response to what I have done and not as a question to what I will do.

angelina mango (3)The competition in Amici, the competition in Sanremo… is music competition?
In music, competition doesn’t exist and doesn’t belong to me. For me, music is sharing, it is celebration. With this in mind, rankings lose their importance.

Maria De Filippi has played an important role in your artistic life, did you contact her on the occasion of your victory?
Maria is always present in my life, fortunately. My experience at Amici has helped me so much to prioritise music, which for me is a vital need. Amici was a great school and Maria made me overcome so many of my fears, she made me look them in the face and yes, absolutely she was there for me. She’s very happy with me and I’m happy to have made her proud of me.

You won with a song entitled ‘Boredom’. What is boredom for you?
Boredom is something I have discovered recently and it is a time when it seems that things are standing still, that there is nothing that triggers strong emotions in us, both positive and negative, and being used to experiencing everything in an extreme way, I thought that boredom was something to be pushed away and in general that it had a negative connotation, instead it helps you discover yourself. It is not really boredom, but time that you can dedicate to yourself, precious time, and so today I think that in a life of ups and downs it is good to leave space and time for boredom: it is important.

angelina mango (2)

This topic of boredom is a problem of the new generations who, without being hyper-connected, are bored…
What I can say, being part of this digitisation and also being addicted to the phone, is that you have to be able to put the phone down, look a person in the eye and talk to them. Talking to people is the first antidote to boredom. Less whatsapp, more talking to people….

This last sentence could be a claim you could make to your age group: you know you have many fans, even among the youngest…
Having so many people, even children following me is a responsibility but it does not put pressure on me because I have a clear conscience in everything I do. I am happy when I think of a child looking at me from home and seeing me free. I am happy in this sense to be a role model.

Have you had this model of freedom?
It was from my family. The truth is that in my house we used to make music always and we still do it now all the time. When my mum, my brother and I finish lunch, we start playing, singing and that’s what has always happened in my house. In my house we make free music and sharing is not advice it’s a collaboration….

So let’s try to give some advice to those who approach music without having a family of musicians behind them, as you did
I certainly witnessed great moments of music at home because that was the way people communicated and expressed their emotions. I have witnessed the writing of many songs and the life of many songs. Maybe that’s the advice: just make music, in a free way….

Yours is a generation with many frailties and fears. You, on the other hand, always have big smiles and joy, how do you explain that?
First of all, having a great passion in life, be it art or sport, is a life-saving thing. It can convey so many fears, so many disturbing, negative emotions. Having said that, I have always had music inside me and in my life, but it is only in the last period that I have really understood how to see beautiful things, beyond music. I’m happy to be able to recognise the things that are good for me, the people that are good for me, that’s why I’m happy and enthusiastic. I like that this comes out, especially because I’m 22 years old.

Do you already have an album ready, a planned summer tour?
We are working on the album and I already have many songs ready. I’ve been writing freely, approaching different worlds, even new ones, and I’ve absurdly found my place in all of them and realised that this is why I make music. Of course we are also working on a tour. There will be an event concert in April, in Milan, and then the ‘Angelina Mango nei club 2024‘ will start in clubs, touring all over Italy.

Why clubs and not the halls?
Because I want to look the audience in the eye. I like to enjoy every moment, even sharing with them….

You are going to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. Are you ready for another competition?
I have only one goal: to walk off stage happy. I recognise happiness when it comes and when it is intense. I recognise the audience when they understand me. The stage goes beyond the charts. My goal is to take my whole self there and communicate something.

Have you ever asked your mum for advice to cope with this last year of professional success?
I didn’t ask her for any particular advice because I have breathed the Sanremo air and the music profession since I was a child, but I certainly never had any illusions from anyone. My mum simply stands by me and always supports me.

Would your dad be proud of your winning?
I am a polite and kind person. And I believe that first of all, he would be proud of that.

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