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Max Angioni “I am constantly recording things that come into my mind and then I build shows with them’.

by Monica Landro

Written by Monica Landro

Max Angioni is not just a stand-up comedian, he is truly an experience to be lived. With his facial expressions, his imitations and his absurd stories, he manages to make us laugh at our mistakes and reminds us that, in the end, the important thing is to smile! In the theatres of Italy since spring 2024 with more than 40 dates, he brings to the stage ‘Anche meno’, a surreal show in which he reinterprets everything that comes into his head, dwelling in a light-hearted manner on a very important topic that is the meaning of life. 

But who really is Max Angioni, this young 33-year-old from Como but with Sardinian origins who started off in Italia’s got talent in 2021, now hosts Le Iene and takes his comedy not only around Italy but also to many European capitals?

What is your most memorable performance?
I have two memorable moments! Definitely at the Arcimboldi with Bisio and Incontrada. It was my birthday, it was the first Zelig and I was performing there, man…. I did Kevin Scannamanna, this character I had been playing for some time.

People already knew me, so when I walked in there was -for the first time- an ovation of the kind that I thought “Ah, they want me!”

max angioni (5)

The performance went very well and at the end there was another ovation. And then Bisio also said it was my birthday and everyone wished me a happy birthday… an incredible, incredible moment! And then the auditions, again for Zelig. I had brought two characters: Kevin Scannamamma and a coach, and I remember it went so well that at the end Bisio said to the audience: ‘Now, by applause, let’s choose which character to bring to Zelig? Who wants Kevin Scannamanna?” and down went the applause! “Who wants the coach?” And more applause equal applause! “Then we decide!!!” It was crazy for me!

What about the worst situation?
Perhaps the most terrible was the one that then made me decide “OK! I’ll try this job!”. It happened before my popularity. It was 2014: the Martina Franca cabaret festival in Apulia. Before that I had done a comedy show at a place in my neck of the woods, in Lombardy, and it had gone well. I go down and do five minutes of this Lazio fan at this festival. And there’s total frost, do you know what frost means? That no one moved a muscle for the whole performance! It went very badly. But there were important people at that Festival, so I said to myself, ‘Man, I’m close to good people! Maybe I can try to do something’.

max angioni (3)So do you see the glass in life as half full or half empty?
Empty, always half-empty, by habit! In my life until I decided to take this path, I always saw projects that were supposed to start but then did not start, opportunities that were supposed to be picked up but then were not picked up. I was a constant spectator of days when something happened that then led to things not happening, and so I was prepared for that concept of disappointed waiting, and inside I am always afraid to plan for fear that it will not come to fruition! I started out with this mentality.

But is it still valid today?
Less today.

I learnt that you prepare yourself and if things go well, great! If they go wrong, however, you understand things.

 It is a fundamental step, but you have to make a mental click.

You always look very humorous and cheerful, but in your private life, what is your temper?
I am very thoughtful, I think a lot and I am also quite unsociable. I am not closed because I want to communicate with people, to talk, to listen… but basically I am thoughtful, very introspective, I am hypercritical towards myself. There’s a little dictator towards me. On the other hand, though, I always look for irony as oxygen. For me comedy is really a necessity, like drinking water or taking a coffee break.

max angioni (6)Is comedy a way of coping with life for you?
It is my way of metabolising life but also of giving it value. You cannot and must never think that nothing will happen today because

something is always happening and I am very careful, I am constantly recording things that come to mind and then I build the shows around them. 

I have an hour and a half of recorded material precisely because I freeze moments in life and I tell myself that sooner or later they might be useful and make people laugh.

But so you never go on a break….
You never take a break. Dino Risi used to say that even when he looked out of the window he was working. Also in my opinion those who do creative work where they put themselves at stake cannot go on pause because any thought can be usable.

What is the best advice you have received from any of your colleagues?
From Federico Basso who told me ‘A bad joke is definitely better than an unwritten one’ and that taught me that you have to write everything down because it may be a bad joke that doesn’t work but it’s definitely better than the stuff you keep in your head.

max angioni (2)Do you record voices or do you always use pen and paper?
If things happen that stimulate me I record them immediately, otherwise I lose them. I record them, free up space in my brain and can think about something else. However, when I have collected so many recordings, then I write them down.

And when you write something you like and think you want to bring to the stage, is there someone you preview it to or compare yourself with?
I used to compare myself more with my collaborators, with the people I wrote with, but now I try them out in the evenings I do in Milan and see the reactions of the audience. They are my reference but also myself because that spark must come out in me that makes me think the joke is cute, it amuses me.

This spark that is now obviously conscious and you structure it, did you also have it when you were a child?
No, no. The thing I had as a kid that maybe I still have now is this unmotivated urge to do something funny for people, for others and for myself of course.

max angioni (1)

. I’ve always needed this connection about laughter with others, 

even as a child, for example with my classmates….

By the way, would your schoolmates or professors ever have guessed that you would become a successful comedian?
Well, in high school a teacher once said, “Let’s enjoy him, now that we can have him for free now,” he said this!! and I replied, ” Ah, I wish…”

What would you like to do that you haven’t done yet?
I would like to expand my range of action more and be more confident in what I do, raise the quality more, not only for my own sake but also because I would like to be a positive figure for people in various ways….

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