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Managing to wonder, every day – Micol Azzurro

Written by Artemide De Blanc
Photos by Fabio Pregnolato

What is striking about Micol Azzurro – apart from the obvious statement about her beauty – is her vital charge. An incessant torrent of passion, a desire for self-expression. Not in an egoic sense, but in the same way that children look at the world, with eyes of constant amazement and wonder.

You know when you’re a kid? Today you can be the superhero, tomorrow something else. So, I always had the desire to tell stories and be part of them. And being a dancer was not enough for me, I needed something more complete.

Dancer, presenter, actress, radio speaker: you are tireless!
Being an actress and presenter has always been a powerful desire, I studied dance, singing and acting, at six years old I sang, at ten I acted. I was a dancer at RAI for two years and, although I loved it, it made me feel segregated in a dancing body, I needed something else.

Is beauty a constraint? A value? A double-edged sword?
To be an actress counts for little, indeed, sometimes ‘characters’, as people who possess a particular aesthetic are defined in artistic jargon, work more. 

Beauty in Italy can even be a deterrent, it is much more important to have temperament, to be able to give something.

We saw you in Drought, by Virzi.  Quite an achievement…
It’s the second time Virzi’ has called me. A good film is not only good for the person watching it, it helps the person playing it to be at its best. Every time I look at myself in a role I see myself again, deep down, I remember the difficulties, the amazement that I look for in things every day, I look at the past with great joy.

What do you dream about? On an artistic level, I mean.
I dream of playing a special villain, with an articulated world inside, like the classic fairy tale witch, to be precise. As for directors, I would like to be directed by Christian de Sica, with whom I have already worked as an actor. And then Carlo Verdone, I adore him.

You are a voice actor, right? And you participate in fashion campaigns, how do you reconcile everything?
I am a ‘diversifier’ by profession! I have dubbed myself, I like to do live streaming, I started with music programmes on Magic Tv years ago. Fashion is one of the frames I carry on: I recently lived the American dream thanks to a shoot on Ocean Drive in downtown Miami for Amen jewellery. I was the brand ambassador for Okinawa Shoes. I also recently opened a Tik Tok profile to get back to my old passion, dancing…

Do you also find time to dance on Tik Tok?
I actually opened it recently to broadcast the trailer for the Netflix film I starred in, ‘It’s not true but I believe it’. But now it will become the platform on which I will broadcast one of my skills, dance, professionally. I was born a dancer and many of my followers ask me to go back to dancing. It won’t be childish ballet, but quality choreographic content.

Do you believe in the inclusive promises of fashion or do you think it’s just a facade?
Well, couture includes the canons of extreme thinness, a certain type of height, androgynous faces are part of the script, of the mise en place of the dress. Then, of course, brands are opening up to more curvy shapes, for example Vittoria Secret’s moved away some time ago from the strict rules of fashion aesthetics, embracing softer worlds.

How is your relationship with nudity?
I feel great naked, but there are parts that belong to my private sphere, to my sensitivity, and those I share with the one I love. I have nothing against exposed nudity, as long as it is done with emotional freedom. If it is experienced as an authentic form of expression it also becomes courtly, with due manners of course. I share it to the extent that it tells something about you.

I hear you’re writing a book and… you’re single! Is that true?
Yes, I am writing a book. And… yes, I’m single and I’m fighting like hell to stay so for a little while longer because I’ve been single so little in life! (We doubt it will succeed but we’re curious to see how it turns out, ed.)

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