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Written by Lorenza @lastanzettarosa

Jarno’s voice conveys typical Reggio Emilia warmth, a smiling, humble voice.Jarno doesn’t shoot moments, he shoots emotions, he steals your soul.
Looking at one of his photographs makes you think “I wanted to be there too!” To everyone he is known as ‘Ligabue’s photographer’, a collaboration that lasted over twenty years with Luciano. Jarno is mentioned among the acknowledgements in Liga’s latest book and can be considered a friend but above all a man of trust for the artist. A wonderful discovery Jarno and since everything has an origin I would like to start from there:

When and how your visceral passion for photography was born?

My passion for photography was born when I was 11 years old, during a school trip on the river banks of Po.

It was then that I found myself for the first time, with my father’s camera, searching for the right shot because the need to photograph everything beautiful in order to show it to the world had been triggered in my head.

Music has played a key role in your career, what are your most ‘consumed’ records?
Certainly music has played a decisive role in my career. I have always loved good music and the records I have literally consumed are ‘Making Movies’ by Dire Straits and ‘The Joshua Tree’ by U2.

Your photographic style has often led you to report on-stage and behind-the-scenes events. Which photographers in history have inspired you?
The photographers I appreciate and like are a lot. Those from whom I have definitely drawn inspiration, precisely because my photographic growth has mainly been in the world of music, are : Danny Clinch, Anton Corbijn and Guido Harari.

The moment of the shot, your vision of the result and the sharing of it….what do you feel at these three stages and which one satisfies you most?
In my mental process, the vision of what I would like as a result comes first and that is what serves as a reminder for me. The moment of the shot is very important and during my career mainly focused on live events I have developed precisely the ability to ‘click’ at the right moment.
If, however, we are talking about fulfilment, I reach the peak with sharing, mainly with the portrayed subject, as it is there that I understand whether I have truly captured the essence of what I have photographed.

Has there been a photograph in your life that has struck you in a particular way and made you think “why didn’t I take it?”
Absolutely, (laughs ed.), if I have to mention a few, a crazy moment portrayed by Danny Clinch during a Pearl Jam concert and two shots by Guido Harari: Tom Waits in Paris with his cape in motion and Lucio Dalla in Piazza Maggiore among the pigeons.

Technique or emotion what weighs most in a shot. What do you think is the main purpose of photography?
Undoubtedly emotion weighs more heavily as far as I am concerned, in fact I tend to hate technique a bit.

Photography is a great tool we have to remember and show things: beauty, a place, a person or a particular moment.

During the pandemic, with shows stopped, you reinvented yourself. Which direction is your wind blowing now? What projects and dreams would you like to realise?
During the pandemic with the stop of music, I started to make a living from photography at 360° without setting myself limits and experimenting, thanks to commissions from other fields, with a new way of photography that can touch fashion, corporate or architecture. The innovation allows me to have a fresh vision and to achieve excellent results. As far as projects are concerned, I will participate in the Mojotic Festival 2023 with the exhibition ‘All Areas’, which will tell my artistic journey alongside Luciano Ligabue. The opening of the exhibition should be on 19th August.

There are many dreams, including a big photographic journey on the road.

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