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Elodie, an explosive 2023: Sanremo, an album, a docu-series, a live show!

I am a resourceful, feisty and determined woman’

Written by Monica Landro

We have seen her beautiful, gritty, determined, glamorous in her look, style, personality and stage presence. We are talking about Elodie, born in 1990, who in seven years has vertiginously climbed the ladder of success as a singer, as an actress and as a woman.

It all started with Amici, in 2016, a talent show in which she classified at the second place behind Sergio Sylvestre. The real consecration came for her the following year, with her participation in Sanremo with the song Tutta colpa mia, which became a hit, taking her to the Olympus of the most appreciated voices among artists on the Italian music scene.

elodie 1

Elodie is one of the most loved and followed Italian artists, also thanks to her image and musical style. Her eclectic and original personality propels her into the world of social media, where she boasts a big star following with over 3 million followers, music with her four albums and multiple awards, and cinema, in which she made her debut in Ti mangio il cuore, with the leading role in 2021.

We arrive in 2023, which sees her for the third time on the Ariston stage at the 73rd Sanremo Festival with the song Due, a song that confirmed her artistic rise and public appreciation.

How do you explain this ever-increasing success?
“I am a resourceful, gritty and determined woman,” Elodie said during the Sanremo days when Art&Glamour met her at a press conference.

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How did you live the Festival days?
With great emotion, more than usual because I was more aware of what I could do. I welcomed this feeling of fragility because it gave me the opportunity to give something more, so I experienced it with both happiness and fragility.

During the Sanremo days, the album Ok Respira was released. It is a pop album characterized by disco sounds, consisting of 13 tracks. In addition to 6 previously unreleased tracks, it contains “DUE”, “PURPLE IN THE SKY”, “OK. RESPIRA”, the eighth consecutive number one radio airplay single, “TRIBALE” (platinum), “BAGNO A MEZZANOTTE” (triple platinum), “VERTIGINE” (platinum), and “PROIETTILI (TI MANGIO IL CUORE).

While busy promoting the album, which immediately topped the sales and streaming charts, on 20 February Elodie became the star of the docu-series Sento ancora la vertigine, available on Prime Video. A story in which the singer appears in various situations: in the dressing room with Carlo Verdone; in the studio; during a photo session; in a singing dialogue with Mahmood and also at the last Venice Film Festival during the presentation of the film Ti mangio il cuore.

Can you tell us something about it?
The idea of this docu-series is to tell the story of these last two years, from Sanremo 2021 to today, but to tell it in the normality of work, in everyday life, how this job is built, with dedication, day by day, playing a team game. I also thought it was nice to tell my story in a different way, also because if you don’t use social media much, it becomes difficult to show your everyday life.

In the docu-series she says, almost in a whisper, as if it were a personal little thought: ‘every time I have done Sanremo I have always managed to bring a little bit of my life’ and adds tenderly: ‘I get down, I sing, I try to rock everything’.

The Roman artist’s commitments are also linked to the tour, which starts in spring.

On 12th May your first live show is taking place at the Forum di Assago. What will we expect?
It is a date I have been eagerly awaiting for many years. I am looking forward to presenting my way of doing shows. I am happy to have this opportunity. I imagine a party, I imagine that people are an integral part of the show, that it is almost a party among friends.

Elodie, an energetic, resolute and combative woman but also an artist in constant evolution with her determination and concern to improve herself every day, perfectly evokes the title of the new album, which for us at Art&Glamour also wants to be a wish and a spur: OK, breathe!

Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura

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