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Donatella Bellicchi

Editor’s Letter

We are in a moment of boundary dilution. As if the barrier of otherness is being shifted ad libitum, to the point of disintegrating. And it is a trend that cuts across every area of living, starting from the matrix of the human essence, which is art. At the Venice Biennale, curator Adriano Pedrosa crumbled the principle of ‘foreignness’: Strangers Everywhere, the inspiring title of the event, involves everyone, leading them to confront the concept of self in relation to the world. We are all foreigners to someone and citizens in a universal sense.

 At the last Salone del Mobile, there were more than 41 fashion events: no forcing, rather a natural osmosis that leads beauty to be decanted into a related container and to merge with it, eliminating the territory it belongs to. 

Even robotics explores this expansion, as philosophers and literary writers are the missing link in bringing generative Artificial Intelligence to reason like a human being.  Nothing is confined to its interspace: one can find eroticism in words, philosophical logic in a machine. The transience of fashion can contaminate an eternal work, neurology enters design to give us regenerative experiences. The message is ‘step outside your box, because nothing is taken for granted’.

donatella bellicchi editore art&glamour

And since we were born precisely to break down schemes, this persistent movement towards freedom of being gives us immense pleasure…

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