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What would you ask the Genie of the lamp?

Written by Monica Camozzi and Giulia Brunello

What is more beautiful than someone who surprises us? The search for beauty accomplished by Dita von Teese reflects her inner nature. It is not an end in itself. You find out by reading her answers…

Diva is a word alive in the memory but unable to substantiate itself in these times: what is a  diva nowadays? An aesthetic archetype or a particular personality?

Well, I would never call myself a diva. 

I think being a diva has a negative connotation, unless one is an opera singer!

The term started out well enough, but now it really just means that you’re difficult. And I don’t think anyone who knows me or works with me would say that I am difficult.

Where does this passion fort the Fourties come from? They seem to permeate you naturally
When I was a little girl my mother liked to watch classic 1940 films, so that is where the imprint of vintage glamour comes from.

It is true that your raven black was inspired by a Playboy cover with Sherilyn Fenn? This magazine is said to have had a strong impact on your imagination, is that right?

Actually, it was the cover of December 1988 Playboy, which featured a raven haired model called kata Kärkkäinen. 

That cover had a huge impact on me and I wore my hair in the same short black hair cut.

But I also love Sherilyn Fenn’s Playboy cover, and I also am friendly with her. 

dita (6)We saw you platinum blonde in Don’t worry darling with Olivia Wilde: how was the experience?
I am a natural blonde and I have worn natural blonde wigs to perform in before, most notably on my 2017 tour The art of the Teese and in the early 2000s for Playboy’s 50th anniversary tour. The experience of working with Olivia was amazing, it was a pivotal scene in the movie and it was actually my first performance after the pandemic. 

Glamour evangelist, wonderful definition, your aesthetic identity is almost a liturgy but…what is glamour to you?

Glamour for me is about creating mystique and allure.

It’s not something that depends on being rich, or even beautiful. Glamour is something else and just about anyone can decide to be glamorous. 

dita (1)

I have to ask, because it pops up like a cork in water: where does your sensuality come from that is so powerful yet so spontaneous as to be unavoidable? From your character? From self-confidence?
I think it’s from understanding what it actually means to be sensual. I don’t always have self confidence. But I know what kind of things can help me have more confidence and I know what it means to be sensual.

What would you never give up in life?
Having pets

Have you ever woken up on morning thinking “oh no, I don’t feel like stilettos, corsets and perfect hai today”? It is tiring or fun to always stick to your image?

I don’t wear stilettos, corsets and I do not have perfect hair every day. I work very hard and that means a lot of behind the scenes work that has nothing to do with glamour.

But I do stick to my image when I’m doing photo shoots, or performing…I found my confidence with a certain way of presenting myself and there are various degrees of that, I’m not always 100% full power, glamour, on a normal day. It’s not like that. I don’t have an alter ego or anything, but I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready for the day unless I’m going in front of the camera, or going on stage.

Tell us about your lingerie collection: what do you want to bring to women (or men, depending on your perspective?)
My lingerie brand is for everyone.

recently introduced some genderless pieces, but I think, ever since I first started my lingerie line, it has been worn by all types of people.

I’m very proud of that. My collection was created to bring everyday glamour to anyone’s life. Every piece is made for everyday wear, not just for special occasions. 

If you had Aladdin’s lamp, what would you ask for?
I would ask for all forms of animal and child cruelty to end.

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