Coup de theatre

by AdminAg

Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by Simone Angarano and Luca De Nardo

Theatre costume designer. Brazilian. These two elements are the detonator with which Flavia Cavalcanti enters the visual, psychic, intellectual life of those who observe her through her clothes. Third, but not negligible factor, as she explains it ,

“I am a Scorpio, I deepen everything, even in pain I touch the bottom and then rise again with infinite joy, in front of the blows of life I give weight to smiling and crying in the same way”.

One of her dresses is a construction of personality, a set design, a mixture of the soul of the character she dresses and her own. In her, nothing is vague; on the contrary, the egoic hangover of social media does not correspond to her at all.

“The artist for me can be defined as such when he exceeds in what he does, everyone follows that line but he goes further and stands out. But the advent of social media has confused the waters a bit, some fakes have stolen the space from real talent. I hope that this moment will end sooner or later and that authenticity will return to fill the scene’.

In her you can see the same creative DNA of one of her legends, Iris van Herpen, the Dutch haute couture designer who manages to infuse fashion with depth, culture, spirit, almost a mystique of costume. With a deep passion for bustiers, a simulacrum of the feminine.

“They were very popular in the early 1900s but kept women constrained. Then Coco freed them to give them breathing space, to encourage women to enter the world of work. My bustiers are not classic, I try to construct them with new materials.  I love women’s bodies so much. I like to mark it with a narrow waist, enhance the breasts, I don’t espouse mortifying aesthetics”.

Flavia’s adventure started almost as a game, back in ’94, when she worked as a club entertainer in Riccione and wore self-made clothes.

“I used to make evening dresses, bodies, accessories out of the box to stand out. They were very creative times, I used to study couture dresses and reconstruct them by changing the models. But actually I had already started making my own things as a child, during carnival. When we are born we are inclined to do a few things, not just one, and I found that this path was in my blood”.

Here, the link with art and cultural currents is palpable. “I also draw interesting things from discarded materials, I recycle often and give a second life to things, breaking them down, reassembling them, changing their image”.

The starting point, with every subject Flavia represents, is always listening. 

“I always start with a comparison, I like to understand what colours are in tune with a person, what they would not like to highlight. But, usually, when I do my own thing, it always works…”


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