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Candour and restlessness – Lorenza

by AdminAg

Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by Simone Angarano

When you hear Lorenza talk about her ‘little pink room’ in an angelic voice, the image that comes to mind is of a gentle fairy. It is hard to imagine the sharp, direct Joker with the feral gaze that emerges from the Instagram profile of Simone Angarano, photographer, her life partner.

‘A bit like Snow White played by Kristen Stewart, gothic and restless, more hunter than the hunter’.

How is this possible? How can you be two different entities in such a marked way?
Well, then, I certainly have a strong character. Although I had a beautiful childhood, life’s difficulties have led me to face everything head-on. Many times I am mistaken for a mistress (laughs) but…I only reveal sweetness to those who enter into a deep relationship with me. 

But eyes don’t lie, what about the dominant attitude?
I have a strong, dominant side, without a shadow of a doubt, and it comes out when I am on set. But the complicity with my partner, Simone Angarano, tends to make me free to express myself totally.

Let’s do some gossip: how did you meet?
I knew Simone as a photographer and to tell the truth, I always liked him very much! I had been following him for years. But life got in the way with ‘sliding doors’ that prevented contact until the time was, evidently, right. I confess that I was the one who called him and, after a year of relationship, we tried to shoot.  Our first set was the Black Queen….

Would you let others photograph you?
No, that would be a kind of betrayal. It’s like a transposition of the relationship in photography.

“I enjoy giving life to characters like the Joker, which I really studied for, or Gogo (Quentin Tarantino’s character, ed.)”.

I have also posed with Stella di Plastica, she proposed it and all this gratifies me, although I absolutely do not consider myself a model in the full sense.

Do you like yourself?
“I have always liked myself.I am a woman who has always had self-esteem’.
I see so many insecure friends, so many people who alter images with a thousand filters. I have always had a strong attitude for communicating with my eyes, I think one is born with certain characteristics.

What if you were not born beautiful? Question I ask everyone…
I never focused on beauty. I would have the same job (administrative manager, ed), I would be a mother, in short I would still be fulfilled. Maybe I wouldn’t be with Simone Angarano…(laughs)

Where did you get your passion for photography from?
From my father, he used to photograph me a lot as a child. And then I love fashion, aesthetics has always been part of my life.

And the little pink room? Doesn’t the Joker fit in there?
The little pink room, which is then the name of my Instagram profile and will become a blog, has a twofold meaning: on the one hand a passion for fashion, especially shoes! And on the other the love for my daughter.

What are you and Simone ‘up to’ now?
Apart from this set, where I am told I look a lot like Morticia Addams, we are preparing a kind of fairy tale. Ambiguous, of course.

We had no doubt….

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