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ArtGirl : Micol Ronchi

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It’s not a country for women

Written by Artemide De Blanc
Photos by Simone Angarano

What do you mean?
‘Italy is not a country for women in general. If you are accidentally attractive, it becomes even harder. If you accidentally have a good idea, a winning intuition, it’s like it loses its value coming out of your mouth. You are beautiful, you cannot also be gifted with ingenuity!” 

Micol Ronchi is striking for two things: a marked resemblance to Angelina Jolie and a comic, irreverent streak that jumps out at you as soon as your obvious beauty is scratched by words on your Instagram feed. Indeed, the dream is to become a new Lella Costa. 

“But Italy is not America, here the combination ‘beauty comedy’ is considered impossible. I recently heard interviews with Katia Follesa and Sabina Guzzanti and they reiterated that in the United States there are plenty of comedians who are beautiful and do not debase themselves in order to go on stage. Here, the objectively beautiful woman cannot be funny! Beautiful women play the part of girlfriends, of comprimarios. There are few roles like Angelina’s in Changeling.

What about Virginia Raffaele? She is beautiful, she is funny.
True. Behind it there is a lot of determination, a lot of work, even a disruptive personality. When she does the Abramovic, or imitates Belen, she remains herself.

So let’s recap, is beauty a plus or a minus?
Everyone thinks beauty is a plus but I have mirrors at home too and I know Naomi exists. To put it bluntly, I love being a beautiful woman, I’m lucky, I thank my ancestors (Chinese great-grandfather, ed) but at the same time I know that there are hundreds of more beautiful women. Being beautiful does not mean having a perfect life, on the contrary: I have the same misfortunes as other people but it is as if beauty creates expectation. I have two younger sisters, Siberian ancestry, they are amazing, they do well in school, they are intelligent and…no good!!! They are bullied because beauty combined with talent annoys.

How did you come to be a radio speaker?
I always dreamt of radio, I was working on Chiambretti Night and a video of mine, in which I talked about haters, passed on Youtube. Selvaggia Lucarelli saw it and called me as a regular guest. Then I was picked up on Radio Bau, Mediaset.

Are you self-mocking?
Self-deprecating tending to the destructive (laughs). Comedy is a skill I have developed in order to be comfortable. As a child, I was not the school cheerleader, , I was the punishment at the bottle game instead.

I guess comedy has become a serious thing for you now….
Ah yes, I am getting serious about stand-up comedy (the performance in which the comedian stands in front of the audience and addresses them directly). My reference is people like Michela Giraud, Liza Feller…from now on I’m doing club gigs again. I also write, opinion pieces. Silly opinion pieces eh? I never take myself too seriously. There’s one subject I care about in particular, Lucarelli even interviewed me on the subject because I built a comic track on it. I’m talking about toxic love.

Toxic love? Is it something that has touched your life?
More than that. A toxic relationship that destroyed me in every way. I had found comfort in some of Lella Costa’s gags and now I hope my version will be useful to someone else.  When someone only wants to impress you but does not care about you, only seeks praise, it is narcissism. Often friends see this and should be listened to. Also, I have astrological advice

Give us an astrological piece of advice.
Yes. If he is Capricorn, run away!  The unmistakable sign of a toxic relationship is an I-exhibition where you are not present. When you see a red flag, a sense of unease rises up, never underestimate that voice.

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