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Written by Luca De Nardo
Photos by Luca De Nardo

Part girl-next-door, part experienced model, animal lover with no ifs or buts, a sailor’s look and a child’s smile. A delightful dilemma to be discovered.

Who is Miriana Alison?Hi, I am Miriana D’Agostino aka Miriana Alison.Alison represents the tenacity and strength inside Miriana.I was born and raised in Vimercate, I study veterinary assisting and dog training. I work as a model, I love my job and I love animals.

How did you get into the world of modeling?I entered the world of fashion thanks to the help of my sister who always pushed me and thanks to my parents who always supported me.Since I was a child, I have always been skinny because of my constitution, so I already started at an advantage in this aspect.

To achieve her goals, what might a woman give up and what, on the other hand, should she never give up?Very interesting question… I think a woman to achieve her goals should get away from negative people and everything that brings negativity.She should never give up her family her friends, her health. Keeping in mind that to achieve a goal one should not stop in the face of difficulties and remember why we started, that’s why one should never give up.

Appear or Be. How much do these two principles weigh in general in being a woman today? And how much do you, personally, balance them in your personal life?Nowadays our society refers to a culture made up of models and icons generated from the world of advertising, sports, entertainment, television… so appearing has become important in this society, especially for women.In my opinion, appearing means showing oneself to others, as if there is a need to be accepted, admitted, legitimized to the need for love.This is how a long and painful path begins that leads to disguise for the acting out of a script!Being instead is a person’s identity, where we express our identity, a way of living with our uniqueness!On my Instagram profile and I believe like all other users, one appears for what one posts but never what one sees on social is real ! P.s. with good intentions few words.

Let us always remember that no one can truly love someone unless they first of all love themselves and allow their essence to be trampled upon, the intimate and true essence that resides in their soul.

Getting photographed: a necessity, a challenge, a provocation, an emotion … How do you experience a photo shoot?I love working behind a photo set, it is part of my work, part of my life.I feel free because I do what makes me feel good,in those moments I feel carefree and at the same time grateful that I can pose for important brands or photographers with so much career behind them.I learn so many things and I like to create a good feeling with those in front of me.I could stay all day on a photo shoot I would never get bored!

How do you see yourself in the future? What are your dreams and ambitions?I will definitely finish studying and continue modeling as long as I can, because animals and fashion are my greatest passions and I am lucky enough to be able to live them.I would like in the future to become an art director for some fashion brand or become an ‘anti-terrorism dog trainer….In short these are my dreams in the drawer, I hope I can achieve at least one of them.Then again, they are jobs that will always allow me to live with many emotionsIt will all remain to be seen, meanwhile I live in the present!

Sensuality, seduction, eroticism. Tell how Miriana lives these 3 ideas.Sensuality is woman, but it is a characteristic that few women have!

Female sensuality is a complex nonverbal language that the body constantly communicates through posture and anything that stimulates the senses creating attraction.

Seduction is the ability to have charm and to be able to attract a person.Eroticism, on the other hand, to me represents the passion one has when in a relationship!These three characteristics are closely related to each other .

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