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Galehaut was Olivia ( Popeyes’ girlfriend)

Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by Luca De Nardo

“ I have never felt beautiful, when I was a child I was very thin but I wanted to become an actress. I read on a newspaper that a thin and delicate girl just like me acted in the role of Olivia (Popeye’s lean girl, ed)”
That had been the signal for Antonella Salvucci, (doe eyes, fairy hair, perfect shape), who felt this way since primary school, as is customary.
This confirms a fundamental assumption: “ If you want to be an actor beauty is not enough; on the contrary, it is often a deterrent; there’s a cliché that too much beauty can’ be associated with talent’.
Antonella is steadfast. Perhaps also due to the fact that her father is a soldier and commander of custom’s police; perhaps because of the urge to fly away from Civitavecchia, towards the USA.
“ I knew that I wanted to act at any cost, when I was a child I used to watch all of Dario Argento’s films. I was dramatizing, I couldn’t wait to give myself redemption’.

So being an actor is not about laughing, parties and shooting sets…
If you want to act you must have passion and self-denial, especially if you would like to try to work in the USA like me!
The obstacles and the tests are so oppressive that you can do it if you only have a strong determination ! It seemed to be inside the film The Devil Wears Prada…

How did you come to LA?
Thanks to my acting coach who saw me as particularly suitable: I was brought to California in order to study and there, while running shows and thanks to actors like John Philip Low I managed to get into the business of Dino and Marta de Laurentiis.
We rehearsed the scenes together, they were like family…but please don’t think it is that easy!
What has been the true test?
In order to perform in the USA without being American you should pass lots of tests just like the ones to get the Green Card: who talked about you, with whom you performed, what are your talents…and everything is documented! My sister shipped me three suitcases from Italy!
When I was told I made it, after three years, I couldn’t believe it! In addition to this you must hire a Dialog Coach to learn the American accent.
I discovered that Italians are good actors, perhaps less accustomed to special effects, but bearers of good artisanal cinema. We have determination.

Have you ever done dangerous scenes?
A lot of them!
I remember once the scene involved burning my hair, I was lying on the floor with my face against a glass and they told me ‘you go upside down and we will pull you’.
In The Torturer of Laberto Bava I was locked in a coffin. In a film shot in Switzerland we had to stand on a cable car and I remember that my acting partner suffered from vertigo!

What’s the most beautiful memory?
I have got a lot. I remember when Lina Wertmüller cut my fringe and knitted my eyebrows just like Sofia Loren. She used to take care of everything, every detail, also current wires.
She taught me greatness and humility. I also have a very beautiful memory in Bollywood: I didn’t want to go to India, because it’s a dangerous country for a westerner woman in some respects; my manager convinced me.
In spite of this it has been a wonderful experience, sometimes surreal, they treated me like a divinity, stroked my hair, slipped on my shoes! And the attitude was always peaceful, with the eternal namasté.

What are you currently doing?
I have just finished shooting a Baldwin brothers Christmas film, Kid Santa, where I am an elf. Then, a thriller, Terror Zone, where I play the part of a fearsome witch who transforms herself into a beautiful, sensual, god-loving witch who must defeat a viral pathogen.

Does an actor pretend in real life?
An actor doesn’t pretend! He empties and fills the container with the character. You have to
let all blocks and every mask go. Studying is constant, most of all and in particular on yourself.
In everyday life I am the most sincere and straightforward person ever!

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