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A little bit Art Nouveau, a little bit Coachella

by AdminAg

Written by Artemide De Blanc
Photos by Luca De Nardo

The paths of sensuality are endless. They pass through archetypes that we might call Jungian, now settled in the collective unconscious. A denim miniskirt with an open blouse, à la Saint Tropez. A suede vest carrying a curtain of fringe and pop jewelry. Perhaps accompanied by a glitter lipstick in shades of plum, defining the playfulness of provocation.

And let’s not take ourselves too seriously! Call it a game, right?

Sure, the garter belt with voile/feather/bralette paraphernalia remains firmly at the pinnacle of the dream. But we can take permissible detours to get to the same finish line.

Josephine Baker, burlesque icon, used to appear to us with ostrich feather fans, which we now translate into a slightly more composed and less dramatic black négligé. It’s still about symbols, though. Everyone chooses their own.

Jesus hymned Hot Pants in the advertisement that read “those who love me follow me,” with Donna Jordan’s terga immortalized by Oliviero Toscani. But well before that, Sally Rand in the 1950s made them iconic in her bubble dance, celebrated by Alberto Vargas. Brigitte Bardot used both, micro denim and traditional voile.

In the end, net of archetypes, a woman’s look wins.

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