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Violence against women, when an International Day is not enough to eradicate it from the heart of man

Brutality is the bread and butter of a rambling generation of idolaters who prefer to stand by and watch rather than act

Written by Simone Di Matteo A maxim a day keeps the doctor away and helps us in a practical and effective way to face life. Or at least, this is what the right-thinking people of our rambling twenty-first century like to repeat to us in the hope, most of the time in vain, of distracting us from the unstoppable social and moral decadence of a wretched contemporaneity without any possibility of recovery or evolution.   A great many things could be said about the conditions in which human beings find themselves at present, but the truth is one and only one. Nowadays, we are constantly surrounded by brutality, in such a paradoxical way that we often fail (or worse, do not want to) even recognize it. Violence has become the daily bread of those who much prefer to look the other way, rather than act so that the world concretely becomes a better place and does not remain a utopia of Mulino Bianco advertising. And so it is that the losers are only those segments of the population considered, according to a completely misogynistic perspective, the weakest: not only children, but also (and especially) women. The spirit of independence and man’s claim to omnipotence (to be understood in reference to the biological gender and certainly not to the human race in general) have made it possible to arrogate to oneself the right to be able to judge, say and do whatever one wants, regardless of the fact that almost always, thanks to indelicate utterances and even more atrocious actions, we end up harming the dignity, freedom and integrity of others, a normality to which we do not have the slightest reaction. Just think of the amount of femicides we have heard about in recent months. Or again, the barbarity perpetrated by Hamas mercenaries, in the recent war between Israel and Palestine, against women, mothers, wives, grandmothers, girls and baby girls in the name of reasons that, in my opinion, should no longer have a reason to exist. Or, to the rapes and abuses that continually disturb the daily lives of those whose only crime is that of wanting to live their lives. A bit like what happened with the mass violence against the 19-year-old from Palermo, a very ugly page of Modern History (yet another) in front of which the Andrea Giambruno of the situation were only able to say: “If you avoid getting drunk, you won’t find the wolf!“.  And so, it goes without saying that the battles carried out by all those who are punctually ready to beat their chests for the noblest causes, without these having an effective response in reality, are useless. Thoughtful recommendations are of no use if, in the end, they have the effect of justifying, and even in some cases beatifying, the executioner Feminist marches on the media wave of the #METOO are useless if they lead to the development of a misandry that perpetually feeds that cycle of hatred that generates hatred.The legislative threats of some officials who remind us that they have to carry out their task for the brief moment of a condemnation of heinous acts in the public square are of no use And the International Days for the Abolition of Violence against Women are useless because violence rooted in the hearts of men, be it physical, verbal or psychological, cannot and must NEVER and UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be accepted, let alone covered up or, even indirectly, encouraged. What is needed, and which I hope can be achieved in the shortest possible time, is a cultural and educational revolution that starts from the bottom, from the little ones of today who will be the big ones of tomorrow, because, let me tell you, it is not normal that it is normal!

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