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Photographer of the month: Massimo Vecchi


Written by  Luca De Nardo

His background and professional history leave no doubt. We are not only dealing with an interpreter capable of grasping the purely artistic side of photography, but with a professional who has been working in advertising for over 30 years. Subsequently, Massimo Vecchi decided to devote himself to Nude photography in a careful, meticulous and wide-ranging manner.
To put it another way, we do not meet a photographer born by chance, but a professional, but above all an Artist who has a clear vision, both in the field of photography and in the field of communication.

We ask him a few questions, with the intention of reading an overview of the world of nude photography, contextualising it in the context of our society today.

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Massimo, let’s talk about Photography as Art, Nude as Art The history of art is rich in the nude as a representation of the Human Being. Centuries of representations in its various languages and works. Yet, even today, the nude is perceived as something wrong, inappropriate. How is it possible that the concept of the nude, which is obviously not an end in itself, is seen as something DIRTY?

This is a beautiful question and we should think carefully about it. I have been in the world of Communication for over 30 years and I know well what and how certain social phenomenologies profoundly affect the choice of languages and messages. It is mistakenly thought that today’s society is free, free of prejudices and judgements, limits, cages. Far from it. It almost seems (I speak specifically for the Italian reality) that we are witnessing an obscurantist process towards an increasingly closed, fake, respectable, bigoted and deeply hypocritical context. And if this is true in general for a wide age group, it is even more true among the young and very young, where their only aim is to appear, with all the misleading deviations it entails.  Needless to say, the digital age plays its part, making young people believe they are free, but generating monsters within the logic and dynamics of censorship. However, I have discovered – even in the Sicilian reality in which I live, even though the Mediterranean is my real creative space – that the adult generations, those born in the shadow of the ’60s and ’70s, are freer and freer from those logics typical of today’s youth. As I said, the problem is typically Italian, profoundly hypocritical, which has nothing to do with realities such as the Spanish, French, and Greek realities that I know well, where nudity as a ‘dirty’ element is marginal if not zero. Let me give you an example. Some time ago, at the Paris Photo where I exhibited and was a guest of the Anormal Academy, I saw parents with children or elderly people, who looked, admired, bought nude photographs, like works of art, without problems, without bigotry, without hypocrisy. Italy is hypocritical. The end. And it is not the country where the Art of the Nude can find space.

Your photograph speaks for itself. It does not need to be explained. However, if I may, it can be summed up in one concept. Harmony. Your sense of aesthetics and composition is incredible, the balancing of spaces and the structuring that you use denote an artistry. I wonder if this level of maturity is the result of an innate gift of yours or is it the result of years of experience, study, contamination, in-depth study.
I grew up surrounded by Art. I studied Art (Art School and then University of Architecture in Florence), I breathed Art, I have always been fascinated by Art and I have always been fascinated by the search for beauty in the absolute sense, by the use of light, colours, compositional structuring. Architecture then gave me a breath and a spatial vision of beauty that I believe I could not have appreciated otherwise. The experience of Florence was incredible, because in that city I matured thanks to the cultural contaminations, living together with poets, painters, sculptors, musicians from all over the world who helped me to open my mind and not to consider a single artistic language as the right way, but a set of languages capable of expressing a whole… that of Art.  Having said that, the Talent is a start, an extra gear, but it is not enough. It is necessary to study, to document, to be contaminated, to have an open mind, to seek, to look, to deepen, to grow. It can be a book, an exhibition, a trip, a concert, attending workshops. Everything is perfect to increase knowledge and vision of a world that is out there and just waiting to be enjoyed, represented and told.

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Tell us about the Hashatag #Callmenude you use on your Social. What is it, why, what is it hiding?
#Callmenude is a battle that has been going on for years, a bit like your #nudeisnotporn. I get tired of seeing what is happening in Italy. Like you, I started doing nudes after years of photography, not like today that anyone who buys a camera, the first thing they want to shoot is nudes. This sick logic relates to your first question. We are a hypocritical country… sick. We hide behind a camera to see a naked woman. But as you say, it is one thing to shoot a naked woman, it is one thing to make a Nude of a Woman. #callmenude is my campaign to raise awareness and get the concept of the artistic nude back on track. The artistic nude must not be an end in itself, it must not be banal, obvious, illiterate. It must be rich, represented with tact, sensitivity, meaning, aesthetic sense. I am sick of seeing masses of people (I don’t call them photographers) labelling their meaningless photography of naked women as Artistic Nude photography. Let’s call what is really nude photography nude. #callmenude

Massimo, allow me one last question, seemingly trivial, which is nevertheless extremely complex. What is photography for you?
It is not trivial at all, in fact it is perhaps the most difficult question and should be asked of all photographers, forcing them to give an answer that makes sense… if only to give themselves an answer. Even as a child I was amazed by what I saw.  Like any child, I wanted to capture that instant as if it were a butterfly. To catch it, hold it for a moment and then release it. This is my photograph.


Massimo… stop… don’t go any further. That is one of the most beautiful metaphors I have ever heard about photography. Adding more is pointless.
No Luca, let me add something, for the sake of completeness. That Butterfly remained invisible to others until I photographed it. I conclude. Photography is me. It is the expression of what I am.

Time flies. We have so much more to add during the more than hour-long voice interview with Massimo Vecchi. I have known Massimo for years and would expect nothing less. Unfortunately, space is limited and with regret we are forced to end here. We will try to find other space, perhaps on our website artandglamour.it to continue telling you about what Massimo has given us. He is a true Master, enlightening, visionary, and we always learn from him.

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