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Francesca Rando, the call of nature

Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by  Luca De Nardo

Francesca Rando seems to coexist with the rocks on which she moves smoothly, plushly. As a Sardinian, the sea is her world. As simple in life as she is captivating in pictures, Francesca breathes nature in an authentic way, like the land where she was born.

Francesca what is Beauty?
Beauty is not fiction, it has so much to do with the soul. Sometimes you see a beautiful person, talk to them for two seconds and they are boring or annoying. Instead, someone who is beautiful in the soul comes to you in a different way and then you happen to see him even more beautiful outside.

I see true beauty in nature, in animals and in people closest to this sensibility.

How did you begin to shoot?
I started very young, at 18, but it took me some time to get to nudity. Now that I am a 30-year-old woman I have the peace of mind to do it, overcoming the little fears and uncertainties you have as a young girl.

In the pictures you are a femme fatale: are you like that in life too?
No, I’m simple, I don’t often wear heels, I dress normally. I’m not a diva! 

Son a set you play a part, you bring out sides of you that don’t necessarily belong to everyday life.

Have you ever thought about yourself beyond the lens?
Yes, I confess that I would like to be a photographer. But in a naturalistic context, perhaps in my own Sardinia. Photography allows you to represent reality in a very personal way.

You look very natural: no forced gym sessions, meticulous diets?
None of that. I eat, I don’t exercise, posing has always come naturally to me and I have made a job of it.

I am happy because it allows me to travel, to live free, not bound by fixed mechanisms and timetables.

What are your best memories of a shoot?
Definitely the shots with Benedusi. Steve Mc Curry also left me with a great memory, I did a workshop with him and it was great to hear him speak, to express his way of seeing beauty and art.

I don’t have any negative memories, I tend to remove the bad things.

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