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Bucolic – Paolo del Frate

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Written by Artemide De Blanc

The dark room
The room of the country house in the Agro pontino, linked to his childhood, to the maternal grandmother. Left uninhabited, the theatre of memories and endless visits. A sort of ‘initiation’ that led Paolo del Frate to breathe in the yearning for light that filtered through the window.  Thus, that symbolic room became the forge of his images, like material in the hands of a sculptor. The black room, the darkroom the point from which the erotic-oniric skein of this splendid devotee of the female body unravels, moulded by light that is often sparse, sometimes Caravaggio-like. Always nostalgic.

On your site there are three nouns referring to women: respect, adoration, catharsis. Can you explain them to us?

Coming from a family of four older sisters, I have grasped the feminine in every nuance. Women have a different approach to life and the world. Women are necessary entities, to which I link the three words, part of a poem that reflects my experience.

When did you start shooting?
I was 15 years old. I felt the manifest vanity of my companions and when one of them asked to be photographed, I offered. I was using ambient light, I did not have the financial resources to buy important materials. From there I never left photography. And I have always followed a canvas: what the photographer sees, the ‘spectators’ must also see.

A naked body does not hide, it tells the truth. The great deception is to link eroticism to sex.

Nudity. What does it represent, how did you arrive at it? A naked body does not conceal, it tells the truth. The great deception is to link eroticism to sex. In reality, eroticism is a language, an approach free of prejudice. In my case, I model with light: lots of it, it is never the solution. The light must be right. If low, even better. There is a lot of talk about body shaming but…your models are all spectacular. How’s that? Not really! The model must have knowledge of her body and enter into a symbiotic, trusting relationship with the photographer. But… among my photos there are plenty of models who are far from perfect, live. In fact, I love photographing normal, natural girls, who have never posed before. And there is great satisfaction in transforming a ‘defect’ into something aesthetically pleasing to look at. Can a neophyte take a good nude photo? I don’t recommend starting out with nude photography. I taught photography for many years and it is a very technical discipline, where light management is fundamental. Knowing it is a necessary basis, because the difference between what the eye catches live and the lens can alter the result. Is it more beautiful to shoot or more beautiful to look at the result? Let me just tell you that I have a gallery of my photos at home! Printing them and framing them is just as good as taking them. With digital tools, the habit of printing has become obsolete. Instead, I feel the need to touch them, to experience them. Taking pictures is not a job, it is a vital need which, precisely because it is free of constraints, allows me to represent what I like most.
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