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Brazil in the eyes – Bianca Senatore

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Written by Monica Camozzi
Photos by Alberto Buzzanca

When you look at Bianca Senatore, something powerful and undefined emerges. The same charisma that Florinda Bolkan had, the same endemic sensuality, never forced.
Indeed, Brazil flows in her gaze and in her movements, carried by a genetic mix that runs through Spain (grandmother), Naples (grandfather) before landing in the immense South American country on her mother’s side.
But always with that mixture of eroticism and naivety, which keeps the child part under the woman’s blanket.

What do you take with you from Brazil?
A lot, I grew up there on and off, I would come here and then go back. Of Brazil I bring the sunshine, the sensual aspect is perhaps linked to the fact that in a tropical country, where it is very hot, the body is shown naturally. And I have slowly developed a way of dressing, talking, styling my hair and applying make-up that is very feminine. I really enjoy using my gaze, to play the role that in front of the lens one is actually called upon to play.

Who was the first important photographer to shoot you?
I wasn’t very convinced about modelling, it’s a concept I embraced little by little. In Italy, the first important photographer I shot with was Alberto Buzzanca: I wrote to him and he agreed to photograph me.

When you shoot you are called upon to pass on something of your deepest essence. A bit like making love with the camera.

In the midst of so many rebuilt bodies, your naturalness stands out. Ever fallen into temptation?
I missed out on some jobs for major brand campaigns because of my breast size, I remember they rejected me because I didn’t have a size three. Sometimes I think it would be nice but…by now I’ve made peace with my body (she didn’t struggle, in my opinion, ed)

I don’t want to be a sex bomb, I like to express my femininity in a natural way.

You have the phrase ‘Heaven is not enough’ tattooed at the base of your neck: what does it mean?
I got it tattooed when I was 18 without asking anyone’s permission. I was inspired by a Japanese anime, Wolf’s Rain, which tells the story of the search for paradise as happiness. It made me reflect on our constant search for something more, having reached one dream we seek another. I am a Capricorn, I always have a mountain to climb in front of me, I seek improvement, I like to grow.

This tattoo reminds me every day to be happy in the here and now. Today. Because I know that in human nature it is never enough.

I see pictures of a happy marriage: has your job ever created jealousy problems?
No, on the contrary, Francesco (married not long ago, ed) encouraged me, he has also been a model since he was 18. I had my own fashion brand, I opened two companies working as a designer because I graduated in fashion design at the IED in São Paulo. My family did not really favour a modelling career, Francesco represented it to me as a possible opportunity.
In fact, initially I was the jealous one! Then I realised that this is a job and it is much less threatening than it seems!

But is your fashion dream put on hold?
Absolutely not, I don’t fixate on one thing, I plant seeds where I think the soil is fertile or where I think I have a talent. I like to develop creative ideas in the fashion world, in the past I also designed men’s collections but I love to dedicate myself to women’s lines. One of my brands in Brazil was for wedding dresses and the other for swimwear. I love shoes very much even though I have never produced them.

My deepest dream though is cinema, I am studying acting and I would like to land on the big screen. Through a film you can move people, you can live other lives besides your own.

Something you particularly love to do?
I love travelling. When I can, I combine business and pleasure, i.e. work and tourism. I would like to get to know Asia and travel to the other side of the world, touch different cultures and countries like Japan, Indonesia.

What if I had been born ugly?!
Just yesterday I was thinking about how beauty is a double-edged knife and how it can on the one hand favour you but on the other hand make certain situations difficult and make you the object of prejudice. You always have to somehow prove that you are also intelligent, that you have talents. Kind of like how people think ‘you already had this gift and you want more’?

Fotografo: Alberto Buzzanca
Styling: Vanessa Barrios

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