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Autumn – The Color of Change

by AdminAg

Written by Artemide De Blanc
Photos by Luca De Nardo and Simone Angarano

More than making, communicating matters. So, said Andy Warhol, as he traced the groove of pop. He, could be the benchmark of the 1970s. A decade of freedom, of transgression, of political struggles, but also of great creativity. Contestation was nothing more than a change of perspective, a leap into the future, an anarchy of response to the fixity of the Sixties and their respectability steeped in the American Dream and baggy dresses, chignons, square handbags as the rules of life. The Seventies are the years of pop and rock music and the flower children. The years when the Beatles disband their quartet, commercial flights of the Boeing 747 begin, the United States ends dollar-gold convertibility, and China and the PLO are admitted to the UN.   As the world is thrown into a global energy crisis, Voyager probes go up into space and Europe votes its first Parliament. Hollywood begins producing the first “colossals: Jaws, Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever. In ’72 Marlon Brando lends his face to Coppola’s The Godfather. And fashion, as a good thermometer, registered the “fever” of passion, freedom, whimsy: Mary Quant launched the miniskirt, geometric prints were born, high-waisted pants with clogs, worn by feminists under wide skirts.

If we had to condense them into two words, we could define the Seventies as the Color of Change.

Of course, we at A&G interpreted them with our signature aesthetic. A little bit flapper, a little bit Woodstock. Vital.

Luca De Nardo | Instagram @luca_denardo | Website www.lucadenardo.it
Simone Angarano | Instagram @simone_angarano

Francesca Bettoni – Instagram @fanny_bet | Karolina Kileiko – Instagram @karolinakil
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