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And deliver us from Evil – Giuseppe Gradella

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Written by Artemide De Blanc

We have no way of asking him, yet, but almost certainly Christopher Nolan, director of Inception and Tenet, would like Giuseppe Gradella’s pictures. Nolan takes us into the unconscious, into dimensional fragments where time does not exist. He makes us span that continuous line by making it circular. And Gradella, with his frosted images in a kind of metaphysics where pain and anxiety disappear, tells us “go under the surface of the water and re-emerge when you run out of air. So, change perspective and tell me what you see’.

In every photographer, we now realise, is hidden a director, a scriptwriter, a storyteller.  Giuseppe creates a protective cavity around his subject. As if time were frozen and the person portrayed could only find himself, his breath, his soul. 

As a good architect, Gradella knows that environments ‘serve to protect man from nature. I enclose my images in safe and untouchable environments, beyond what we see but cannot touch’.

It actually feels like sinking into the subconscious, looking at some of them….
As a child, on long car journeys with my parents, I would stop and look at the windows of houses, trying to catch a glimpse of what was inside, and this attitude has stayed with me.

Do you detach the model from reality? 
The word detachment has a negative meaning in the Italian language. In my case no, the model is in the studio, in darkness or half-light, she doesn’t see or hear me. I let her make contact with herself. I am very fussy, I always think carefully before deciding who to photograph. In fact, the people portrayed are not united by somatic features but by facial expression, they are all thinking about something intensely. They often tell me that after an initial feeling of closure they let go and find a feeling of well-being, immersing themselves in their reality. So no, I don’t detach them, I take them in.

What is photography for you? 
Photography represents what we experience deep inside, even unconsciously. Human beings can never master the unconscious aspect. The photo makes our reality clear, as we see and perceive it, guided by culture and the influences we have had throughout our lives. I find that women are often as I depict them, delicate, dreamlike

What is your concept of beauty?
Beautiful and ugly are two poles that attract our attention.  Our brain is activated to decode them.  I am not interested in what is in between, the grey areas interest me less. I appreciate those who manage to represent violence, the ugly side of reality, with poetry. I also love those eternal canons that are the sum of centuries of art in beauty.

There is something painterly in your ‘suspended’ photos…
Yes, my ideal references are 15th century Italian, Flemish and Renaissance painting. I also feel the influence of cinematography strongly. Architecture is present in my education. In reality, no photo ever ‘ends’, it is a dimensional journey that we create and that does not stop. 

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