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To (re)create, all we have to do is remove

by AdminAg

Written by Artemide De Blanc

  • Remove the light. To arrive at a saturated white, not dazzling, as if suspended. So that in that composed, silent absence, everyone puts back into the image what they feel. A bit like the albums that used to give you the background on which you would stick the stickers in your own way, creating your own world. Maurizio Gabbana returns to speak with the power of light.

In the book Con la luce negli occhi (With Light in the Eyes), he ravished us in the ecstasy of a Milan captured by the photographer’s instinct, in a visual somersault that left our eyes hanging upwards.

Then, with Infinite Dynamics, he had managed to dilate space and time with a multi-exposure technique, created by exposing several times on the same frame and manually changing the position of the lens by rotation or approaching/ moving away. The result was images that ‘exploded’ as if hundreds of slides had refracted them: and indeed the Triennale had dedicated a solo exhibition to him. For using light is art. With Assenza, this time he speaks of ‘taking away to fill again, to find again’.

If we are to meet again…are we lost?
Yes, it is as if man has put his talents, sharing, hope, sincerity, values, in the drawer. But he has also put shame in the drawer. That beneficial blush that for me reveals a beautiful feeling. Everything that allowed him to make the greatest discoveries has been filed away by a binary system where if there is a problem, it is sanctioned. One looks for easy solutions, one ‘shrugs’. My most significant photo is the one where a woman is leaning over her smartphone, the little boy offers her his heart but she doesn’t see he is too busy scrolling.

Why did you use white to bring us back to reflection?
Because it evokes silence, the silence into which the great observers of light, of the mechanisms of nature, like Tiepolo before he frescoed, descended. We must go back to observing, to deepening. So I have subtracted, emptied the human figures partially or totally, leaving the outline, to represent this ‘absent presence’ and the buildings because… without man, there is no history!

Through the still light of white everyone can find himself: I have subtracted in order to give back, so that everyone, observing, can find what is missing, or rather what he misses.

You say we have lost the ability to blush…and eroticism?
For me, today even that is influenced by everything around us. In my opinion it pertains to an intimate sphere. I love anything that spreads a positive message: the woman for me is the bearer of life, anything that enhances her life force appeals to me. Now I am investigating the theme of violence but I will not use a naked body to represent it. I have never done nude art. However, I believe that through light woman regains self-awareness.

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