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The power of cinema in 5 shots!

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Remember how Robert Richardson used 3D photography in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo? Or Roger Deakins in Blade Runner 2049? Masters of the cinematographic image, able to cut the soul of the spectator only with the visual, to move our emotions and even our physical body thanks to technical ability combined with sensitivity. But are we sure that the power of cinema should remain closed in a cinema? Although few master it and consequently practice it, there is a discipline that elevates the photographer to the level of screenwriter, director, set designer. All in one! It’s called Cinematic and it turns five, six frames into an intensive story-telling. Strong themes such as horror, dreamlike and futuristic atmospheres such as those of Wong Kar-Wai, here can be elaborated with the eye of the photographer-director and realized in sets that imply a deep knowledge of light and color. In Italy Cinematic Photography has arrived in recent years but is developed with a slightly too simplistic approach, that of the “photo type Netflix series” through the use of some filter in Photohop. In reality it is inspired by the frame of the film and brings with it all the technical knowledge of cinema and cinematographic photography, but it mixes with story-telling and becomes a narrative technique in all respects. In this context “Cinematic Photography” was born, a photographic-cultural project conceived by the photographer Luca Cassarà dedicated to this new photographic genre in which the www.cinematicphotography.it site finds space, an Instagram profile on social media, and also a Cinematic “Experience” made up of workshops, post production courses, photographic contests and live events. From the partnership born between the “Cinematic Photography” project and Art & Glamour comes this column in which issue after issue we will discover a new way of seeing photography, sensuality, eroticism. In a cinematic key.

“Le Rendez-vous” by Roberto Bernocchi

For days she thought about it and prepared, she believed she had full control, she waited all evening for her arrival, until she realized, seeing herself in the mirror, that the most important appointment was the one with herself and with her freedom…

Photographer: Roberto Bernocchi Instagram @roberto_bernocchi 
Model: La Russa Instagram @_larussa_

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