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Art & Glamour Magazine was born with the unique prerogative of being edited and conceived by a woman. So, for the first time, it will be a female eye that will filter eroticism and propose the countless ways in which it can be rendered photographically. A two-way highway: to go through to see, browse, “hear” images but also to propose your own vision of Glamour Art. In fact, you can send us your sets, following the guidelines that you find below:

Submission Fotografo ENGLISH


File specifications:
At least 7-8 photographs or an editorial
JPEG format *
All photos must have the same size *: The longest side (Horizontal or
vertical) must have a resolution of 4000 pixels, no more no less *.
Regardless of the vertical / horizontal orientation, the photos must be the
aspect ratio (4: 3, 16: 9, etc) *
Rename files with first name, last name, and sequence number. (For
example: NameSurname01.jpg)*
* The fields indicated above are mandatory for publication purposes of the set

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