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Negramaro celebrate 20 years of success together

Written by Monica Landro

This is the year of celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Italy’s most important band: Negramaro. The group from Salento embodies not only a unique artistic story, but above all the story of an extraordinary friendship that began at university and grew, thanks also to the intuition of Caterina Caselli, who discovered them and wanted them with her in Sugar.

Over the years, the six musicians have become part of Italian music history through songs that have now become cult hits.

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From their first album in 2003 entitled Negramaro to today, their journey has been record-breaking and multi-platinum certified, with 8 studio albums, 2 docu-films, 1 live album ‘San Siro Live’ on the occasion of the concert in the Milan stadium in 2008, and a collection in 2012 entitled ‘Una storia semplice’.

Is Negramaro’s story a simple one?

Giuliano Sangiorgi, (singer of the group): it’s a story that we love to carry on because something binds us and that something is music, which we have always shared. We started out together and have been a family for 20 years. We have also been through difficult times, as in all families, and in those darker moments each one has found and still finds light in the other. To celebrate this milestone, to relive twenty years of many extraordinary successes

Negramaro organised a big party in a great new location, never before used for a musical event

at the Fortunato Cesari Airport in Galatina (LECCE), with lots of surprises and guests.


Let’s talk about N20 BACK HOME, on 12 August, the only date in Puglia where it all began…
Giuliano: Yes, on 12th August we will be at home. We chose the airport to have a different place from the stadium, a few kilometres from our houses. When we were kids we used to go there to see the planes so the emotional impact will be really big because it’s our land. We want to bring a light back to where it all began. We have chills just thinking about it because we know it will never happen again. With us will be many artists, our friends, with whom we have shared years of music.

Alternating on stage with Negramaro there will be colleagues who have accompanied the band’s artistic journey over the years: Elisa, Fiorella Mannoia, Madame, Samuele Bersani, Niccolò Fabi, Diodato, Sangiovanni, Malika Ayane, Ermal Meta, Rosa Chemical, Ariete and Aiello. They will play unreleased duets and spectacular performances to trace the group’s history. The day will offer an all-round experience: the Negramaro Village will be set up, a unique area where the public and fans, during the course of the day, will be able to retrace the band’s history and thus live an unforgettable experience that will go far beyond the concert.

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but the magic will be the same as the band is already delivering on the Stone Theatres tour. Indeed

the ‘N20 TOUR’, scheduled nine live dates in Italy’s most atmospheric stone theatres.

It started in the capital, at the Baths of Caracalla in June and continued in July at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse, before concluding on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th September at the Arena in Verona.

You have chosen iconic places to combine beauty visible to the eyes with the poetry of songs, accessible to the emotional sphere
Andrea “Andro” Mariano (at the piano): lThe choice of stone theatres is allowing us to create a natural setting and has a very strong depth and presence. We wanted a concept that also had an impact on a visual level. We were born, before than on records, on stages. It is stimulating to be there. The show is more immersive and experiential, different than usual, more impactful. For this occasion we chose not to have guests but only us who want to create a show, who want to live our dream.

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Have you realised that this is not a dream but reality?
Danilo Tasco (drummer): recklessness has always been with us and continues to be with us today even though we know that every piece has contributed to this story. The aura of unconsciousness has probably saved us from marketing dynamics, allowing us to get this far on the strength of music alone.

See you around, then?
Giuliano: yes, we have many things to do for these our first 20 years.

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