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Meo Fusciuni – Olfactive metaverse

Written by Lorenza @lastanzettarosa

Dreams. Light. Oblivion. Travel notes. Meo Fusciuni’s ‘metaverse’ is called perfume. A tale that goes beyond the usual perception of reality. His is an olfactory poetics that becomes almost alchemic, in the sense of transformation capable of drawing on the laws of nature. First, there is the technique: Fusciuni is a pharmacist and botanist. Then comes the poetic scaffolding, the superstructure in the Aristotelian sense, which represents the highest part of inspiration.

Meo Fusciuni’s perfume, Encore du temps, is among the 10 finalists of the prestigious international award of THE ART AND OLFACTION AWARDS 2023. It is a very important recognition and the winner will be announced on the evening of 11 May in Los Angeles.

Perfume is the one thing that immediately reaches the hypothalamus, leads us to our essence: for you what does a perfume represent?
Perfume is a personal need, it is the tool I use to tell my life, my journey. 

Perfume is something that can tell the story of a life, a particular moment, a destiny. Perfume describes love and melancholy, the past and the present.

All of this fascinates me, because it also contains the lightness of the futile, of something that is now there and then might disappear forever; but at the same time it is embedded in our memory forever, stored in the innermost places of our being.

Philosophy, research, passion: how should we choose our personal essence?
I think perfume chooses us; perfume is the medium through which we encode our message to others, to the outside world. When it becomes uniquely personal pleasure then perfume becomes the medium between us and the most spiritual part of ourselves.

Alchemy is fundamental, it connects, brings us closer or repels us, it is a chemical-physical reaction.

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We are overwhelmed with words, dazzled by sight, shouldn’t smell among the senses be revalued?
I don’t think it is necessary to re-evaluate the sense of smell, I prefer to think of it as a sense to be trained. You can’t shout it at people, like a slogan ‘from tomorrow try to listen better through your sense of smell’, I don’t think it goes like that.

Everything has to be whispered. The sense of smell will remain an incredible sense for a few.

for some it is negligible and always will be, so I prefer to leave it to each epoch and in this epoch it is an incredibly fascinating sense for a few, at least in awareness.

On your site you quote Little Song, the myth of Sisyphus and Kafka’s Metamorphosis: why? With what allegorical sense?
Little song is a perfume of ours released in 2017, it tells of my loneliness, the loneliness of the creator and the time that changes around him. Sisyphus and Kafka are part of the many readings that I read each time while creating and thinking about a perfume. Each perfume has its own sound, its own readings, they accompany me, they create the perfect atmosphere around me, around the work. In my atelier you breathe that air, at all times; always however, different for each perfume.

 Every chapter of our life is different, every moment is the past of now and will never return.

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How did you come to create essences?

I started this journey thirteen years ago, it was a natural path; from chemistry to botany, from a passion for extractions from medicinal plants to modern chemistry. All the steps led me here, to tell stories made of smells and scents. Olfactory memories of an autobiographical journey. Finally, there is never a real reason, there is a marked destiny.

We Italians on perfume have always suffered subservience to the French: however Italy is a wonderful creative land. What can we express in this respect?
I think the biggest research perfumery scene today is Italian, our past tells us that.

Class, mystery, elegance. We in the future can be absolute protagonists, I believe so.

This is a very important question for me, I have always experienced this connection with nature as the real secret between me and perfume. I spend a lot of time immersed in nature, which speaks to me and tells me, dictates to me the right path. I love to spend my time in my gardens, in the woods, in places where the only medium besides my diary, my faithful companion, is the olfactory memory of a perfumer. 

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Creating a perfume means having a strong connection with nature. What must a nose possess?
I think it is essential to be able to remember, even after a long time, a scent, a smell that struck you during our adventures. I remember that I started working on my perfume on Varanasi three years after my trip to India, my olfactory memory was still sharp, clear and well-guarded in my mind. It also means achieving a certain intimacy with the place around you.

Art and perfume? What would an exhibition guided not only by vision, but also by an olfactory?
I think all experiments in this regard have brought positive and curious effects on those who experience them as spectators, it is an interesting confrontation through two different expressions of storytelling, one visual and one olfactory. 

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I have done many of them in my journey, and I have always found the audience’s reaction interesting, often unexpected reactions.

Emotions of joy, of melancholy, of astonishment, of curiosity.

What are your future dreams? Projects?
Dreams and projects are two words that are very present in my journey. I love dreaming and planning new challenges, new goals. This 2023 will be an incredible year, we will go out for the first time in our history with several different perfumes, unlike the other years when we only allowed one perfume per year.  It will be different aspects of our lives and I can’t wait to tell myself, to tell people why I decided on one arrangement rather than another. I have a strong desire to meet.

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