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La Montina, Franciacorta d’auteur

Written by Lorenza @lastanzettarosa

Majestic and imposing, the La Montina Estates stand amidst the green hills and immense vineyards that characterize a timeless place, rich in history and love for vines.

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Nestled in the natural beauty of Monticelli Brusati, in the province of Brescia, a few steps from Lake Iseo, the northern crown of Franciacorta.

Every La Montina wine is obtained through a long and careful process prescribed by the Production Regulations for wines with the controlled and guaranteed designation of origin ‘Franciacorta’ (DOCG), which from the vineyard brings a properly made Franciacorta to your glasses.

The Estates are home to the La Montina winery, an ‘open cellar’ that welcomes guests every day of the year with guided tours and tastings, the elegant 17th-century Villa Baiana, a venue for weddings and private events, and the first Contemporary Art Museum in Franciacorta, which hosts exhibitions by national and international artists, as well as the paintings, sculptures and works of Remo Bianco, strongly desired by Gian Carlo Bozza, founder of La Montina together with his brothers Vittorio and Alberto and a great art enthusiast.

And it is precisely the passion for art that leads Tenute La Montina to pay homage to some of the great 20th century painters with new artistic shots, recounting the life, passions, ideals and loves of each of them through its Franciacorta wines for its 2023 communication campaign.

We therefore find Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali and Van Gogh juxtaposed with glasses of wine in a world that appears both real and imaginary at the same time.

They are contextualized in familiar settings and imagined in the winery’s home territory because, after all, making good wine is an art, but so is drinking it….so, when it happens, you feel a bit like an artist yourself.

Info: La Montina – Tel. 030 653278 – info@lamontina.it – www.lamontina.com

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