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“Rock and Roll Can Never Die”

Written by Lorenza @lastanzettarosa

John Richmond, pioneer and guru par excellence of rock fashion. Always true to himself, his style and his inspirations which, as he himself says, come from the past, the present and the future. In his studio, music and guitar (John is an excellent musician ed.) have always been around to accompany the constant search for everything that can attract people with an independent and free spirit. The Richmond customer wants to stand out, but above all he wants to distinguish himself.

John has always managed to balance sartorial expertise and love of music in an exemplary and personal way, achieving a unique style that embraces punk, gothic and dark and breaks down every wall between ready-to-wear and street style. For Richmond, music and fashion are inseparable and among the prestigious collaborations we find David Bowie, Madonna, Mick Jagger and how can we forget the “Destroy” jacket worn by George Michael in the “Faith” video.

It’s with great delight that I find a humble and kind artist. Gritty but with typical English savoir faire.
Hi John, to find balance you need intelligence and in this regard we start from your own words:

A woman is attractive when she is intelligent’. Nice sentence. How does an intelligent woman dress?
An intelligent womens knows what works for her, she can be extreme, subtle, understated, but chic.

There are no mistakes, only interesting experiences. What were your mistakes and what were the most beautiful things?
There are so many mistakes I’ve made , most forgotten . The funniest was I asked my brother, who is a graphic designer, to type set the slogan Destroy, Disoriantate, Disorder. He was never very good at English and spelt Disorientate with and A, DisoriAntate. He put drew a circle around the A to show it was a mistake, so now it looked like an Anarchy symbol, as it suited the slogan we kept it.


Rock has inspired your fashion: which characters in particular have made a substantial contribution to the Richmond style?
My formative year were the 70’s Bowie, Roxy Music, Marc Bolan, Punk, Disco, New wave. I was into music that had style attached.

Are there any celebrities you have kept in touch with who share a friendship with you?
I’m very close friends with Bryan Adams and Dave Stewart, we continue to collaborate on projects.

Can sartorialism and unscrupulousness coexist?
One magnifies the other, I love the juxtaposition of the 2

What projects are you planning? What would you like to say, using fashion, that has not yet been said?
I like most am concerned about the planet and what we are doing, I want to work harder at helping in whatever small way .

John Richmond for Shiba Fashion show, you enter the world of NFT. Is this a stand-alone foray or do you really want to explore this possibility?
This is new territory that changes constantly , difficult to know what’s happening in the present never mind the future. Yes the whole world of NFT is interesting , anything new has appeal.

Destroy, Disorient, Disorder: aesthetics or way of being?
Its both, never stay still, always pushing the boundaries.

Your brand has changed hands, as it happens to almost everyone in fashion: what is your dream, having reached a part of life where you make an assessment of what you have done? What do you wish for the brand that bears your name?
I never look back, what was done yesterday has gone. I’m excited by what I will do tomorrow. I hope my brand continues after I’m gone.

If you were a film, which one would you be?
A very long one, with a constantly changing plot, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

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