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Fuerteventura Experience

Written by Luca De Nardo
Fuerteventura Experience has not been and will never be just a Journey where photographers and models are together to experience moments of pure photography, but it is an Experience of life, of perception, where spaces, freedom, nature, essence and life are the key to a way of living, together, discovering one of the pearls of the Canary Islands: Fuerteventura. The images we are about to show you are an example of how the photographers, who participated in the two previous events interpreted this sense of freedom, space and proportion, where the present almost seems to become an infinite-future. Fuerteventura is the last island of the Canarian archipelago still remaining wild, full of wide open spaces where it is difficult to find a human trace, where unspoiled beaches and breathtaking scenery manage to strike and move even insensitive hearts.
This is what the Fuerteventura Experience is all about. Living an incomparable experience, in a place where our usual, tumultuous and senseless way of existing cannot find space and meaning. It cannot take root, it cannot survive, forcing the unsuspecting wanderer to reconnect with that Nature which, in its immense power and beauty, suggests that perhaps the meaning of life is something different. I would like to thank the 3 wonderful women who accompanied us in March and May: BlackPeony, Tristan and Sailys, and all the participants who believed in this adventure and lent their photos to share these emotions with you. We look forward to future exciting experiences in the Wild Pearl of the Canaries.

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