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What is the ‘purpose’ of beauty? Have you ever wondered, once detached from the rapture it provokes?

Charles Darwin, ‘father’ of the theory of evolution by natural selection, was not insensitive to the problem of beauty in nature. Indeed, few speak of his theory built on the notion of ‘sexual selection’, parallel to that of natural selection, where beauty had its own meaning to be valued.

Lorenzo Bartalesi, in his Anthropology of Aesthetics, points out – complete with archaeological findings – that aesthetic behaviour has been one of the ways in which our species has established its identity. 

This leads us to reconsider beauty -understood of course subjectively- as a means of perceiving the world, as a narrative. Not an ‘only’ but an ‘also’.
It is no coincidence that there is a semiotics of the passions and the body. The body is one of the ‘signs’ with which man communicates. A photograph goes far beyond the fence of appearance to become a meta-language.

As does, for example, our artistic director, Simone Angarano, using a pearl necklace tied around the neck to signify the constraint hidden behind the curtain of apparent sweetness, sweetened by an apparently noble and coquettish object, but no less painful.  Or the chains that, by translation, represent the obligations with which everyone comes to terms.

Or as does one of the artists we interviewed in the early issues, in his early days, the great Davide Conti, capable with his cellophaned nude bodies of allegorically representing the demons that pack men in social divisions.
We often start from a naked body as a matrix, to load it with different meanings. We change vocabulary. We discover new things every day and we like to experience them together with you.
Of course, we never get bored…

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