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Written by Monica Camozzi

There are faces and vocal timbres that have entered your life through the television screen, far away physically and yet close in perception. Once it was the ‘Signorine buonasera’, those of the black-and-white RAI, the beautiful and reassuring announcers; then there were the anchorwomen, who opened the curtain of the world to us at lunchtime, or in the evening at 8pm.
Cristina Parodi is one of these faces and, although she has been missing from the screen since 2019, she remains a subliminal presence. An undeniable beauty, an open and engaging smile, in reality Cristina began with what was her passion and activity, competitive sport (she was a tennis player at a professional level, ed.) to end up hosting Tg 5 after having conceived it together with Enrico Mentana, Clemente Mimum, Lamberto Sposini and Cesara Buonamici.
From there she took us through Verissimo, Donna sotto le Stelle, Domenica In, just to mention the most important programmes.

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As a woman of taste, her passion for fashion was fatal, and now it has taken her for good. Together with Daniela Palazzi, an interior designer with a passion for art, Cristina has created the Crida Milano brand, a collection detached from the compulsive mutability of fashion, based on precise canons.

Crida Milano is a splendid collection, very ladylike, it reminds us of the Woman with a capital D who fills the scene and remains ‘light’: does it correspond to you?
I would say yes. We believe in the elegance of beautiful things done well. We don’t chase extreme trends and teach women to use the same dress to go to work and then go out in the evening . Only by changing the accessories .

How did you meet Daniela? Do you both draw? What goals do you set for yourselves?
Daniela and I have been friends for more than 20 years and we have the same style. Our dream has always been to create clothes: Daniela has always designed them for herself and for me, but it was only when my TV commitments allowed me to do so that we decided it was the right time to try to create a brand. It’s a pity that the debut on the market coincided with the pandemic …. The first year was very hard, but our project based on quality and made in Italy, on the concept of timelessness for clothes which, in our idea, must last over time, worked.

Crida, meaning Cristina and Daniela, is our idea of sustainable fashion for all women.

You were a competitive tennis player, what does sport represent in your life?
It is a school of life and when you are young it helps you to face future challenges better.

Sport teaches you that to get results you have to make an effort and that in life you can win or lose.

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Which part have you loved the most in your television career? The anchorwoman, Verissimo, La vita in diretta…which one has left you with the most emotion?
I have had many different experiences on TV and I would do exactly the same path again, because I have learnt a lot from each programme.

Certainly the excitement of being part of the beginning of tg5, having conducted the first episode on 13 January 92 certainly remains the most special memory.

Two memories that you will carry with you forever
The Christmas concerts in the Vatican (I presented six of them!) that allowed me to meet Pope Wojtyla and extraordinary artists, and the two evenings of ‘Donna sotto le stelle’ that I conducted in Rome, in Piazza di Spagna, when fashion on TV was doing dizzying numbers!

What is beauty for you?
The refined simplicity of a silk dress, dancing on the body without marking but caressing the wearer’s forms.

What have social media changed compared to Auditel anxieties and TV primacy?
Social media have infinitely broadened the possibility of using information and creating interactions. The first thing is extremely positive,

the second, unfortunately, is often exploited by those who, protected by anonymity, only pour out their frustrations on the net by insulting.
Better the Auditel data then!

What is your most important dream now?
Doing my job well, to the best of my ability .

It is not easy after the age of 50 to change and start again but it is a beautiful sign for all women.

Life is long and today you can reinvent it even when you grow up. My dream is that Crida, who is like another son to Daniela and me, can grow up and make his mark in fashion.


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