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Claudia Gerini, my first love is cinema…

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Written by Monica Camozzi

Claudia Gerini, born in 1971, is one of the best known and most appreciated actresses in the Italian film industry. Everyone knows her for her funny roles, but there are also many who appreciate her for her serious and profound ones that move the general public.
A life dedicated to show business, hers: actress, singer, presenter, film director.
We met her at a time when she is busy on several fronts: cinema and theatre.

Claudia, 2023 has started with a lot on your plate…
Yes, January started with the cinema. Just on the first of January, ‘I migliori giorni’, by Massimiliano Bruno and Edoardo Leo, was released in theatres.  It is a choral film divided into four episodes, each one dedicated to a holiday, and investigating how the human soul deals with these holidays. I am in the episode about Women’s Day, paired with Stefano Fresi. I am also on stage until the end of January with the musical show ‘Cado sempre dalle nuvole-Cantare Pasolini’. We are at the Mercadante Theatre in Naples with this project by Neapolitan singer Mauro Gioia with whom I do some duets. I sing other songs alone. We perform them with an 8-piece orchestra.

Singer and actress then..
I have a very good relationship with music. Last autumn in Rome I did a show with the Solis String Quartet, a string quartet that accompanied me in a show about Franco Califano. I introduced each song with a small monologue and then sang: we chose historical songs such as ‘La nevicata del ’56’, ‘Minuetto’, ‘un’estate fa’ and ‘La musica è finita’. A very poetic performance that made me even more familiar with the music.

Have you ever thought about taking part to Sanremo festival, competing?
Yes, it occurred to me! I would quietly put myself out there. I’m very fatalistic, if I found a good song, one that came out well, I would propose it at Sanremo. I’m not afraid of that stage because I know it. Together with Serena Autieri I sided with Pippo Baudo in the 2003 edition. If I went into the competition, I would do it lightly without giving weight to winning but for the pleasure of participating.

Is it with this same spirit that you approached your directorial debut in the film Tapirulàn, released last summer?
I didn’t feel ready, I like being an actress, but this opportunity was right, precisely because of the conditions created, because of the type of character I thought I could play. A film with an absolute protagonist and monolocation. It was a challenge with myself, I like to try, just to always learn new things.

Would you like to try this experience again?
Yes, if the right environment is created, I would like to do it again. It’s a big responsibility and it’s nice, but the important thing is that it tells something urgent for you. To be behind a film, you have to give up something else, time-wise. The moment you decide to make a director, you have to know that you will only do that for at least a year, giving up the rest

You have been directed by many directors. Which of them have inspired you to pursue your directing?
I met many actors and directors, starting with Carlo Verdone, Sergio Rubini, Sergio Castellitto, Mel Gibson. I certainly learnt a lot from them. Maybe it is the experience in general that has helped me. I grew up on sets, I have been making films since I was 15, so maybe instinctively I was more calm about the direction of the actors, rather than the shots; for which I played on instinct and imagination.

You started very young. Many people remember you from NON È LA RAI. What was that experience?
It was a good chance, all live but I still had no idea of my potential. I felt like a lucky girl, we felt beautiful, admired by the kids outside the studios, we made it big at the time but I didn’t understand the scale of it.

What did you dream about in those years?
IThe cinema! I was already doing it. In Non è la Rai I was among the oldest, I was 18, but before that I had done “Roba da ricchi”, “Ciao Ma'”, “Night Club”. Then I got the audition for Non è la Rai, you earned good, it was a great opportunity, but when I went to cinema casting, they used to say ‘are you the one from Non è la Rai’, aren’t you? It became a brand, that of the smiling little girl dancing on television, and for them I was not suitable for the cinema, so since my dream was to be an actress, I only left the programme after four months of the first edition with Enrica Bonaccorti. And I continued with cinema. I withdrew, it was a stigma to be there.

A well-rounded, successful artist: what is still missing in your career?
I have done many films, I have done theatre, I did One Woman Show in 2015 in various theatres in Italy but there is still more to do. How many stories are there still to tell? How many more women can I play? So many…

Who would you like to play?
Most of all, which directors I would like to work with. There is Paolo Virzì, Mario Martone, Paolo Sorrentino, Matteo Garrone. In short, to continue doing what I always do by transforming myself.

Is there one film above all that is ‘your’ film, that you carry in your heart?
Each one reminds me of moments. For example, ‘Non ti muovere’ is very important. It is the first film that gave me the opportunity to play other notes, those of drama. That film is in my heart, as is ‘La passione di Cristo’. One that I am so proud of, however, is ‘Mancino Naturale’, which came out a bit quietly last year, it is a very moving film, perfect for me. Tapirulàn is also very effective. In any case, every film is a piece of my heart.


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