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Between the Fig Leaf and the Female

by AdminAg

Written by Artemide De Blanc

To make people laugh you have to have a rather high IQ. Germano Lanzoni’s is high Ironic Q at a high rate of milanese style.
Behind it there is real theatre, learnt at school, practised, there are thirty years on stage supporting this self-styled contemporary ‘jester’, in reality a witty cantor of the human paradox that we observe every day without realising that we are in it!

And given that in the Third Secret of Satire he mocked the archetype of the voter in all its exotic variables (the Dalemian, the Leghist, the Communist, etc. etc.), the temptation to ‘lure’ Lanzoni into parodying Eros was too tempting.

“The real difficulty is to understand that the main sexual organ is the brain”.

milanese imbruttito
Germano Lanzoni

OK, let’s start from here!
Yes. Without brain, there is no Eros.  But if the woman travels on three dimensions, soul, body and brain, the man stops at two.

Pussy and turnover?
No, that’s the archetype of the League voter (laughs, ed.). Bird and mind. The hope that instinct will one day be filtered through the kindness of reason remains alive.

“The real difficulty is to understand that the main sexual organ is the brain”.

But, sticking with the two Fs, shall we talk about this F-fix?
Well, we have two demons: for men, Sex, for women, Loneliness. Actually, the term ‘pussy’ for us Milanese is an oral linguistic fallacy. The biblical fig has a leaf which in the feminine is thus declined and the fruit resembles a womb.

Are you getting mystical on me?
When I say ‘pussy’, I mean creation, not a dimensional portal. All joking aside, the universe is feminine. The world we see is the result of male logic, it includes little, it’s always a game of who’s got it longest. We are getting serious, let’s get right back to the main theme….
The main theme is that a woman who reasons with her body also wants soul and brain, which the man gives her because new to him …the only way out for the male is to accept the third way.

While waiting for man to come to use the three brains, what about eroticism?
Eroticism in the end is pure creativity. Think of the creative force that emanates from falling in love: we become poets, we make the body itself a work of art. Then everyone is measured on ‘restitution’, on the exchange of energy that has only one constraint: respect for the other. How you do it, how many you are, how you are dressed, it matters little if there is respect for those on the other side. In any case, I’ll end it on a high note.

It is said that women have the G-spot, the erogenous zone par excellence. For men, the L-spot has been discovered. As it happens, my initials…

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