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Beatrice Quinta, between self-discipline and provocation

“You know how to do things! Now you get on that stage and do them!”

Written by Monica Landro

Beatrice Quinta, born Beatrice Visconti, is a Sicilian singer-songwriter, born in Palermo 25 years ago. She has always lived for music, but her real breakthrough came in the autumn of 2022 thanks to her participation in X Factor where she came second, behind Santi Francesi, but it is that second place that doesn’t slip by unnoticed.

Right from the start during the show, she proved herself to be multifaceted, talented, explosive, overwhelming and provocative.

Which adjective do you recognise yourself in? Which one really belongs to you and which one is marketing?

Explosive for sure. Even as a child when I walked into a room I created havoc: chaos practically follows me. Certainly then I am multifaceted, for example musically. I come from different genres, with many influences. I wouldn’t feel, however, that something about me has been studied on a marketing level, but perhaps the provocation could be seen that way, but it really is part of my life. On the X Factor I think it’s understood….

What did  X-Factor teach you?

So many things. First and foremost, to look after myself. I used to tell myself ‘You know how to do things! Now you get up on that stage and do them’. They are such fast dynamics, they teach you to go at a surreal pace. You have to know how to handle things with decisiveness and speed.

beatrice quinta (3)

There is a great self-determination in this: did it come from you or did someone help you to achieve this awareness at such a young age?

More than one person helped me: I owe so much to the people who stood by me because there were times when even I did not believe it. I had a family that always pushed me and gave me value even when I could not. I have friends who have done the same.

You give the perception of having very clear ideas: is this really the case? 

I had to learn to be determined. I entered X-Factor with clear ideas, as a real fighter, and once I got out of there, I kept everything under control. Despite my image appearing over the top, I have a very balanced and almost boring life. I naturally consider myself to be one tenth of what I would like my artistic path to be and as I am still on a mission, I don’t have time to think about living life with WOW effects and good nights. I am in the mood that I go to bed, sleep eight hours and then work all day, eat well…. 

Are you saying you are very disciplined?

Disciplined… but not too much.

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During your participation in the show you released $e$$O, a song that swept everyone away, becoming a hit that now has over 3 million streams on Spotify. You later came out with Fatal Attraction: were you inspired by the famous Michael Douglas film?

No, it is simply the key word in my song.

In the song you say: ‘don’t tell me that at 20 you are already tired of everything’. How can you be tired of everything at only 20, when your life path is just beginning?

It depends on when you hit your head with the adult world. I hit it very early on and so I have already lived many of my years intensely. I am at a point in my life where the thing I value most is balance. I am not saying that everything is clear, but I do know that I have a goal that I pursue without relying on fate but by giving it my all. To want is to be able.

Who would you like to do a duet with?

Maybe Rosa Chemical. That would be fun! Apart from the fact that we look like brothers, I find there are similarities, but we come from very different backgrounds. I come from rock music, from jam sessions in Palermo, and he comes from the rap and street world. But in my opinion, we have similar ideas, similar values.

You have many tattoos. Which is your favourite and why?

My favourite is the knife because nobody liked it and when I did they all looked at me wrong and I loved it!

beatrice quinta (2)

Was tattooing the knife therefore a provocation or your philosophy of life, a deep feeling?

It was a great tribute to my adolescence dictated by a feeling: the falsity of people who smile at you in front and stab you behind.

Is it your childhood pain that led you to be the woman you are today?

I am who I am because of what happened to me. Things happened to me that I am still trying to process today….

Did you get help in arriving at your awareness?

I started a therapy at the age of 18 with a psychotherapist and he helped me so much to change my perspective of myself. He helped me understand myself and I think everyone should go through psychotherapy.

Let’s think big: your biggest dream… shoot high…

I will achieve international success! At 50, I will still be here, on stages… and I will also sing my songs in other languages!

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